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Personal Injury Lawyer for Tractor Trailer Truck and Motorcycle Accident Collisions

Anytime a tractor-trailer (semi-truck) has an accident with a car that is a fraction of the automobile's weight and size, the tractor trailer usually comes out of such truck wrecks unscathed. Depending on the speed of the big rig truck and the other motor vehicle (car, SUV, pickup truck), a wrongful death, traumatic brain injury or other serious bodily injury can occur. That is when a Atlanta personal injury attorney with top lawyer ratings is needed.

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7 Hidden Sources of Additional Personal Injury Financial Recovery

 If you are seeking a car accident lawyer for such a semi-truck motorcycle accident collision, choosing a personal injury attorney with decades of experience and a track record for litigation success is essential. Hire an accident lawyer who has mastered the many aspects of fighting such truck motorcycle accident cases including:


Knowing top accident experts to measure physical markings and analyze the crash location, collect photographic and video evidence and possibly use accident reconstruction tools and software to create a 3-D reenactment. Our rule is to get to the scene sooner, not later.

  1. Making certain that all personal injuries are handled by top medical experts. These treatment physicians will potentially be key witnesses that are called to trial by your personal injury lawyer, if no adequate settlement is offered.
  2. Finding all “responsible parties” to maximize your financial recovery from all culpable parties, for negligence, product liability, defective roadway or even for non-compliance with Interstate trucking laws pertaining to CDL (commercial driver's license) operators.
  3. Using an investigator to search for eyewitnesses, security camera footage, EDR (black box) data from each tractor trailer involved in the crash, and to collect contact data for any witness that may be needed for court later.
  4. Selecting and identifying the best court in which to file a lawsuit, based upon historic jury trial data. This aspect of the case can make an enormous difference in any recovery.
  5. Protecting a potential under insured or uninsured claim against your own policy or policies, in case the at fault tractor trailer driver and his company have inadequate liability insurance to compensate for all losses that you and your family have suffered and will endure in the future. Federal law only mandates $500,000 per person and $1 million as the minimum commercial truck liability insurance.
  6. Look into possibly being able to “stack” insurance policies where state law allows certain mutual insurance policies on multiple vehicles within the same family to be “stacked” on top of each other to increase available liability limits.

So, these complexities and hidden avenues of possible additional financial recovery show why these complex personal injury lawyer litigation cases cannot be covered by a novice injury attorney, who may miss sources for recovery. Call veteran Atlanta Lawyer Bubba Head at 404.567.5515 today for a FREE lawyer consultation.

These life-changing emergency situations have widespread repercussions through the victim's family and among his or her close friends and acquaintances. For example, when inadequate life insurance exists, the immediate concern is whether the family will lose its home, and whether long-term plans for college for children left behind can be funded. Such fears are legitimate, and answers can be given to you and your family by a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury law attorney. When only monetary damages exist to try to replace what has been lost, you need to recover the full measure of available insurance proceeds and other assets of the responsible parties.

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