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Big Rig Injury Attorney: Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer in GA

By: Truck Accident Attorney William C. “Bubba” Head, Georgia Super Lawyer for 17 Years

Unlike some minor motor vehicle crashes with a minor fender bender, in a truck accident, you never want to pursue being your own attorney. Insurance companies that spend over a billion dollars annually on television ads to GET your business have no reason to give an unrepresented accident victim one dime more than the LEAST they can get away with paying.

Seeking any type of recovery from the company responsible for the semi-truck, 18-wheeler truck, flatbed truck, tanker truck or dump truck that hit your vehicle by self-representing is a colossal mistake. The disparity of bargaining positions between the insurance defense lawyers and an untrained citizen injured in a truck collision puts you at a great disadvantage.

To understand the power, arrogance and autonomy of such company attorneys, see this article about the lawyers for Wal-Mart's insurer refusing to reimburse the corporate giant after the near fatal, Tracy Morgan serious injury case. If you need an injury attorney near me in the metro Atlanta 12-county area, ask for 43-year veteran Georgia lawyer, Bubba Head.

Because lingering, long-term injury may exist beyond preserving evidence and creating witness lists, other critical steps must either be taken early in the case or lost forever. For example, the logbooks truck drivers MUST maintain can be a key factor in getting your maximum settlement amount or trial recovery. 

Today, the electronic logbook law controls many of the largest trucking lines. Some of this type of federally-mandated evidence can be of paramount importance to winning the best settlement or jury verdict. This is what your truck accident lawyer near me needs to aggressively learn more about for your civil action.

You want a truck accident lawyer with leverage and “clout” to control the evidence-gathering and to secure the monetary compensation you and your family members deserve. These vehicles' accidents are typically devastating to the other vehicle and its occupants.

A fully loaded 18-wheeler truck can outweigh your car, truck or SUV by 75,000 pounds or more. If you took Basic Physics in high school or college, kinetic energy (E) is a function of the relative MASS (m) of the two objects colliding with each other, times the speed of light (c) SQUARED. This truck accident news video shows how a big truck can hit a passenger vehicle and never even know about the impact for a quarter of a mile, while dragging and crushing the smaller vehicle.

Wrongful Death From Truck Wreck in Atlanta

In simpler terms, if a 16-pound bowling ball collides with a 1.62-ounce golf ball, the bowling ball WINS every time simply based on the weight and mass differential. The outside of each type of sphere is very hard, but the bowling ball crushes and displaces the golf ball, sometimes immersing the smaller vehicle with gasoline as the gas tanks explode in flames.

You don't have to be Einstein to understand the common-sense practicality of hiring a top law firm once a large truck accident has ended the life of a loved one or caused crippling injuries or disfigurement. If you have ever passed an accident scene and observed the aftermath of a truck crash with a passenger vehicle. You already know which vehicle prevails.

Trucking Attorneys Must Identify All Parties Who May Be Liable for the Truck Crash

Joinder of all responsible parties in cases involving trucking companies is critical to the success of your lawsuit. Experienced truck accident lawyers know that our civil procedure rules mandate that any culpable defendants be joined in a single lawsuit, and the Georgia civil practice act rules are precise and detailed about this legal necessity.

Thus, from what you have read above, multiple “players” with a commercial vehicle, several parties involved with that truck (i.e., shipper, loader, driver, owner) can have some liability for negligence in an injury case or wrongful death claim. It is up to a jury, or possibly a judge, and arbitrator or mediator, to help assess the percentage of liability to the respective co-defendants.

Wrongful Death and Serious Injury Attorneys Near Me

With this perspective, you can see why a truck wreck lawyer at our law office is prepared to provide an immediate, FREE lawyer consultation near me to anyone impacted by a car accident versus a semi-truck on highways or any other place (parking lot, loading dock area or elsewhere.

A FREE toll-free call and a FREE consultation with Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer William C. Head PC can be obtained by calling today. Use either 1-800-462-8222 or 404-567-5515 to get an initial no-cost evaluation of your truck accident case with truck accident attorney Atlanta William Head.

When our law office is retained immediate steps are taken to gather critical evidence, measurements, plus track down all eyewitnesses. Because a statute of limitations applies to all crash cases, time is of the essence for all aspects of the civil litigation case.

Hiring A Traffic Accident Attorney in Atlanta to Take Control of a Complex Semi-Truck Crash

With this detailed perspective, you can see why hiring a truck wreck lawyer at our law office is critical. Our law office is prepared to provide an immediate, FREE lawyer consultation to anyone impacted in a car accident involving a semi-truck accident on highways or any other place (parking lot, loading dock area or elsewhere).

Of all our personal injury cases, especially multiple death cases in Georgia due to a trucker's negligence, no other type DEMANDS the quick action and deployment of accident reconstruction experts like tractor trailer accidents. Call William Head today at 404-567-5515 or TOLL FREE at 1-800-462-8222. If our lawyers near me in Atlanta need to come to you ANYWHERE IN GEORGIA, our attorneys in Atlanta will do that.


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