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Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta

Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta: Accident Reconstruction

An experienced tractor trailer accident attorney knows that most truck accidents occur on interstate highways or multi-lane roads. This can mean that higher impact speeds and the massive weight and size of a big rig truck versus a car can be devastating in an auto accident.

The sooner you retain a personal injury lawyer to investigate and document key evidence (witnesses, photographs, 3D scans, overhead photos from a drone), the more likely your personal injury case will be successful. A semi-truck or other commercial vehicle is far more likely to cause a fatal accident today than a minor fender-bender.

Your search for a truck accident attorney near me to help you recover the maximum amount for lost wages, medical expenses PLUS compensation for pain and suffering and possible rehabilitation costs is highly important. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an 18-wheeler accident, other vehicles' owners and drivers of those vehicles may have also been injured or killed.

Not all trucking companies have deep pockets. In one of our bad, recent fatality cases, the total available liability insurance was $1,000,000, and two people were dead and two injured. The truck driver from Serbia had no assets. This may mean that your truck accident lawyer will be fighting for your fair share of the limited insurance proceeds.


Even if a tractor trailer is one of the vehicles in an auto collision, the commercial truck operator may not have been at fault. In several high-profile trucking accident cases, violations of the FMCSR (Federal Motor Courier Safety regulations) such as driving too many hours or falsifying log records were cited by the claimants' Atlanta personal injury attorney.

An accident lawyer who has experience dealing with a collision involving a large truck like an 18-wheeler knows to investigate hidden information at a road accident such as truck tracking (GPS) data to show that the transport truck had exceeded the hours of operation. Common violations by interstate trucking drivers may include DUI or DWI, following too closely, speeding, making an improper or illegal turn, distracted driving (texting), violating the lower speed rules of a construction zone (or improperly changing lanes where prohibited in a construction zone), stop sign violations, or red light violations.


 In selecting your tractor trailer accident attorney, look at his or her credentials from the three recognized top personal injury lawyer rating services. In the order of difficulty to achieve, the three most coveted rankings are:

- Best Lawyers in America

- Super Lawyers

- Martindale-Hubbell “av” and pre-eminent

Also look at the number of years that the personal injury attorney has been recognized by the various “best attorney” accolade services. Semi-truck accidents causing wrongful death or serious bodily injury often make television news reports.

Once such news is broadcast, it is not unusual for the name of a local accident attorney to be “offered' to the injured party or the family of victims of a wrongful death accident. These shills are called “runners” when the family is contacted.

Often, the accident lawyer being recommended is not an expert in truck accident (tractor trailer accident) cases. Not all personal injury lawyers have the track record to assure you of a top recovery. Don't make a critical error in choosing a big truck lawyer with no major recoveries in major vehicle crashes.


Considering the high stakes and catastrophic personal injuries that follow an 18-wheeler accident, selecting the best team of personal injury attorneys to manage and litigate the case is crucial. Hr. Head's plan to utilize two highly credentialed personal injury lawyers for your trucking accident case is the plan that is designed to achieve the top available recovery. 

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