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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Personal Injury Lawyer Bubba Head Knows the Best Way to Fight

Thousands of times each month, an Atlanta personal injury occurs that is caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another person or corporation. Most commonly, a car accident or truck accident are the cause of the injury claims that can include lost wages, medical bills, scars, burns, broken bones and temporary or permanent disability. Fewer than 2% of these personal injury cases result in wrongful death, but Atlanta Georgia and its many interstate highways and other high-speed multi-lane roadways like Highway 316 and Georgia 400 create a higher concentration of fatalities than other parts of the state of Georgia.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Atlanta GA

Among all practice areas for Atlanta law firms, none is more fiercely competitive than the 2,000 plus law offices specializing in injury cases for various types of tort claims ranging from a motorcycle accident, truck accident, claims for premises liability (e.g., slip and fall), or even medical malpractice. Well over HALF of this number are lawyers in Atlanta within a 40-mile radius of the Georgia Gold Dome. Because lawyer ratings organizations like Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America and Martindale-Hubbell have recognized that the quest for an injury lawyer at a best-rated personal injury law firm in Georgia usually centers on the Atlanta metro area law offices, expect to find the top Atlanta accident lawyer in or near the Capital City.

Should I Merely Accept What the Insurance Company Has Offered?

Any personal injury attorney Atlanta GA that has top attorney ratings will tell you to back away from an insurance company seeking to make a quick settlement with you. Recently, Mr. Head was called by a Texas man who had been contacted by the at-fault driver's insurer and offered a large amount to settle that case. He was weighing whether to hire a car wreck attorney. The number being offered was over $1 million. From that single, final check, however, he would have to pay for his many past medical bills and future medical treatment costs resulting from that motor vehicle collision near Macon, GA.

However, the crippled man, who was now confined in a wheel chair and had three dependent children, failed to consider future medical bills. Worst of all, that negligent company had unlimited insurance and a rear end collision that was 100% their employee's fault. The insurance company's defense lawyers wanted to limit their exposure and pay the smallest compensation possible, by circumventing the paraplegic retaining one of the top personal injury attorneys Atlanta.

Any decent Atlanta injury attorney would have obtained $3 million or more, with the best injury lawyers in Atlanta GA getting as much as $10 million for the 38-year old man. Each of these top attorneys in Atlanta has recovered millions for similar case facts. Plus, this man's future medical bills could have been a negotiated item for the big corporation to pay for the remainder of the man's life, as part of any settlement agreement.


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