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You Have One Chance to Win Your Personal Injury Case

You Have One Chance to Recover in Court – There Are No “Do-Overs” In Personal Injury Law Cases

Not Following Complex Court Rules Ends Your Chance to Win

In golf, a “mulligan” refers to a golfer--- who has flubbed a first golf shot--- being allowed to put down another ball and hit it again, to correct an error that he or she made on the earlier shot. In civil litigation on personal injury lawsuits (which attorneys call tort cases or “torts”, courts do NOT want to ever re-try a case, due to the considerable expense of court personnel and staffing, facilities and the limited time of judges to oversee such cases.

With a personal injury accident, any Atlanta car accident lawyer can tell you that you don't get a “mulligan” in injury claims or an accident resulting in wrongful injury or a wrongful death. No Atlanta attorneys count on a successful appeal to obtain the maximum recovery for their injured clients, for deceased clients in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Making a Pre-Suit Settlement Demand Once Medical Expenses and Other Losses Are Known

Winning before trial (through mediation, pre-trial motions or by making a Holt demand pre-lawsuit, to try to settle your case without trial or the associated delay. Because significant costs can be created by going to trial, the goal of lawyers in Atlanta who regularly litigate for clients to obtain personal injury compensation is to maximize our clients' recoveries.

The Legal Rule Compelling Full Joinder of Necessary Parties

Early in a case, the personal injury attorney wants to make sure all efforts for the client's full recovery is undertaken. Medical bills, hospital costs, rehabilitation and loss of wages are all potential categories for which recovery will be sought. Until treatment is either terminated and our client is released, or (for catastrophic injuries, like brain damage) a life care plan is known, injury claims should not be rushed or settled too early.

The rules of civil litigation are complex and highly punitive to those who do not adhere to those legal guidelines. Therefore, simply looking for lawyers near me, is foolhardy. You need an expert in personal injury law with the related trial practice experience.

One quick example of these rules pertains to the necessity for all “at fault” parties to be included as defendants. The laws of all state and federal courts put a STRICT burden on the party BRINGING the litigation (Plaintiff) requiring the lawsuit to include all culpable parties in personal injury cases. This is the legal concept of joinder.

Plus, if all parties are not “joined” (included) in the personal injury claim, the ones you sued with point to that OTHER, missing party and try to shift the blame to him her or it (corporations). Both in federal cases and state tort cases, the issue of joining all culpable, responsible parties is a recurring theme.

Many Types of Serious Injuries Can Lead to Wrongful Death
Because --- in civil litigation --- you only get one chance to recover, Mr. Head's "Team” approach and "top attorneys" selection process for trial counsel is highly critical to achieving the optimal dollar amount for your case. Once again, let's use a medical analogy. Think of this hiring decision as being akin to you or your child facing complicated, life-threatening surgery. Wouldn't you WANT two highly-credentialed surgeons preparing for your operation, overseeing the operation and being responsible for the critical procedures? That is why every lead counsel attorney that Mr. Head teams with on serious personal injury cases must have recovered at least $100 million in not fewer than 20 separate cases yielding $1 million or more per case.

When your case is handled by Mr. Head and by his Team litigation "lead" attorney under a contingency fee agreement, our part of the recovery is directly dependent on what total amount is recovered for you. So, we also have a vested interest in obtaining the maximum available recovery from ALL at-fault parties, since the attorneys' percentage of the ultimate recovery is dependent on the skills, preparation and the due diligence of your chosen lawyers.

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