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Personal Injury Lawyer Sandy Springs

Personal Injury Lawyer Sandy Springs

By: William C. Head, Personal Injury Attorney Sandy Springs GA

If you or a family member were seriously injured in an accident and need to speak with experienced trial lawyer to analyze the case. If your suffered bodily injury, traumatic brain injury, burns, scars, fractures, broken bones, dislocation of a knee or shoulder, disfigurement or loss of use of any part of your body, you need a litigation professional to investigate and organize the civil claim against the liable party or company. The goal of our legal team is to achieve the highest financial settlement available.

Not all law offices in the suburbs of Atlanta area accept car wreck injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims. Plus, this field of law practice is one of the most difficult and treacherous for making errors that can completely torpedo a valid case for grievous bodily injury or a wrongful death. You don't need to call a family law practitioner that you have used in the past to get you a quick check that is merely a fraction of the settlement money your case deserves.

The usual timeline of pre-lawsuit activity in injury cases is (1) the injury occurs; (2) medical treatment and process of recovery for the client begin; (3) the injured party or a family member contacts our personal injury law firm to retain a personal injury attorney near me; (4) our investigation of loss of wages, medical bills and future medical care needs is undertaken, plus preparing for a possible trial often involves hiring expert witnesses; (5) our law firm files a claim with the at-fault party's insurance or directly with the negligent party.

The State of Georgia has some of the best personal injury law provisions for letting aggrieved citizens recover against the "at fault" party in an auto accident. Compared to states like Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee, our tort laws are far superior, in many ways. However, compliance with many time-sensitive "court filing" issues and certified mail notifications are part of Georgia's favorable personal injury claims laws.

Selecting a Sandy Springs Car Accident Lawyer

 Every year thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur in north Fulton County, north of Atlanta. Part of the reason for so many crashes is traffic volume of commuters, and along our Interstate highways that are limited access thoroughfares. Our office gets calls on collisions ranging from minor fender-bender incidents to serious injury hit and run cases, 18-wheeler truck accident cases, motorcycle wrecks and every scenario in between.

When potential clients call us, they are looking for five major things from their personal injury attorney:

  1. A legal advocate who communicates with the client regularly about the case progress;
  2. A seasoned litigation attorney with high lawyer ratings and also has hundreds of trials under his or her belt;
  3. A Sandy Springs law office support team that is well-trained, highly educated and with staff members who are both responsive and knowledgeable;
  4. A lawyer in Sandy Springs with a common-sense approach to obtaining the maximum compensation for the injured parties and in a timely manner, based upon the at-fault party's ability to pay and that person's liability insurance resources; and
  5. A legal advisor who fronts all costs of the case until the recovery is achieved and the client is paid out from the proceeds of the settlement, medication or lawsuit.

Car Accident Cases in the Dunwoody - Sandy Springs Georgia Area

Sandy Springs, GA is the State's 7th largest city in population, and is expanded rapidly in north Fulton County. This population growth created a need for road improvements and an epic expansion of major tributaries in Sandy Springs Georgia.

Because Sandy Springs GA has tripled in traffic volume in the past 15 years, due to expansion of apartments, businesses and Georgia Highway 400, accidents and injuries are a part of daily life. Nearby bedroom communities like Dunwoody, Chamblee, Roswell, Doraville and Peachtree Corners will be affected by this roadway expansion.  Sometimes, an optimal recovery only comes after mediation efforts or by going to trial.

The Georgia "perimeter" (I-285) is about to be reconfigured to accommodate HOV lanes across the top end of the Perimeter for over 10 miles. Plus, the billion-dollar remake of the I-285, Roswell Road, Ashford-Dunwoody Road, Peachtree-Dunwoody Road area where GA 400 crosses into north Atlanta is only about halfway completed.

What Categories of Damages Can I Expect My Personal Injury Lawyer to Recover?

  1. Any related hospital, medical, therapy or rehabilitation costs attributable to the accident;
  2. Current, provable income loss from your job, including future lost wages;
  3. The jury's valuation of what you should be paid for your pain and suffering;
  4. Any property damage resulting from the negligent act of the at-fault party or parties; and
  5. A possible loss of consortium settlement or jury verdict, which is money paid to your spouse or significant other, if you are “out of commission” during surgeries, rehabilitation and therapy sessions. Sometimes, this can be a permanent change and is not medically recoverable.

The Lawyer Ratings of an Accident Lawyer Sandy Springs GA

Atlanta car accident lawyers that are being considered by you to handle your case should have superb attorney ratings, as determined by the 5 dominant and universally accepted law practice ranking services. These organizations (in their order of importance) are the “av” rating and “preeminent” status with Martindale-Hubbell, which started in 1868.

Four other peer-reviewed, fact-based lawyer ranking services that gained notoriety for targeting the highest-level legal practitioners have developed during the age of the Internet. U.S. News & World Report's Best Law Firms in America, Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and AVVO ratings. Mr. Head has been recognized, at the highest levels, for ALL five of the rating organizations in 2019 and multiple prior years.

Critical to these services being able to produce valid attorney rankings is the methodology of getting a core group of well-known Georgia attorneys to identify the litigators whose years of service has made them a household name for that "field" of practice.

From Which Insurance Sources Can I Recover From the Negligent Party?

When our law firm in Sandy Springs undertakes its investigation about your civil claim, the starting point is to determine what insurance resources may exist from which you MIGHT be able to recover. Just knowing what financial sources could be accessible helps our litigation team plot the course for funding your recovery.

The starting point is knowing exactly what TYPE of claim you have. For example, in one of our Cobb County wrongful death cases, our deceased, male driver was stuck from behind by a tractor trailer truck in which the driver fell asleep behind the wheel. Another elderly man was also killed by that big rig truck before it came to a rest on the right shoulder of the Interstate.

Next, look for typical AND unusual SOURCES of insurance or money from EVERY at-fault party, such as:

  • Auto insurance policies of all other drivers in any other vehicles that are involved.
  • Homeowner's policies;
  • Auto financing “gap” insurance to pay off an installment loan;
  • Worker's compensation insurance;
  • State of Georgia or municipality liability insurance for negligence for roadways, sidewalks and signage;
  • Standalone accident insurance policies from companies like Mutual of Omaha that some people carry;
  • Our client's uninsured motorist coverage or underinsured motorist coverage;
  • For self-employed individuals in a business, a separate business insurance policy may exist wherein this policy may be responsible for any excess claims beyond the primary, automobile insurance;
  • General liability insurance that may cover certain venues and activities. An example of such a policy is the 2017 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay “Live Nation” concert massacre where over a billion dollars in claims have been filed;
  • A possible “umbrella” liability insurance policy for one or more at fault parties, or for our client, in some cases; and
  • Any State of Georgia “victim's fund” monies that may be accessible.

Case Example of Sandy Springs Truck Accident Lawyer Tapping into ALL Available Insurance Resources

This mid-afternoon crash occurred just south of where I-575 southbound connects to I-75 southbound, which was under construction at that time. Here are the SOURCES of money our Sandy Springs lawyers tapped into for the widow and her teenage daughter:

  1. The client was still working that day, and driving between appointments, so we made a worker's compensation insurance claim (400 weeks' pay, at the capped rate);
  2. The trucking company from Tennessee only had minimum liability insurance coverage for an interstate CMV (commercial motor vehicle) of $500,000/$1 million, and our team collected over $800,000 of that money;
  3. The highway signage warning signs of “construction ahead” and “slow down” were deficient in number and not in proper positions, so the State of Georgia (taxpayers) and the liability insurer for the construction company paid out a settlement;
  4. Our client's car insurance policy had an “uninsured and underinsured” benefit, which we collected the maximum available dollars from that insurance policy.

What Happens if No Insurance or Insufficient Insurance Exists to Compensate Me?

The at-fault driver or company MAY have assets that can be the source of recovery. However, the adequacy of such civil claims is typically much less than when insurance pays out to victims. Several rules about certain types of serious driving offenses may prevent the person who was negligent from escaping this financial obligation.

First, the federal bankruptcy laws do not permit a DUI driver to file Chapter 7 and discharge your indebtedness owed. A special code section makes that debt “non-dischargeable.”

Next, the State of Georgia Department of Driver Safety (DDS) can be petitioned to NOT allow that driver to drive again until and unless he or she signs up for a payment plan to you, for the uninsured losses you suffered.

Should I Use Sandy Springs GA Lawyers or an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney?

Why drive downtown to try to find parking for a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta? The location of our office is 2 minutes south of I-285 at the Prado in Sandy Springs. Mr. Head lives in Sandy Springs and has his office here, too. Getting in and out of a Sandy Springs office is FAR SUPERIOR than being downtown Atlanta. Our Sandy Springs all-on-one-level office has sheltered parking less than 20 feet from our front door. Plus, our office is FULLY handicap accessible.

Our firm tackles motorcycle accidents, cases involving slips and falls, and have fought insurance companies like State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, GEICO and Liberty Mutual on a myriad or personal injury cases for decades. Being in a major suburb of Atlanta GA is an ADVANTAGE to our attorneys and not a liability.

We Are in This Together - You Don't Pay Unless Our Lawyers Win the Case

Contingency fees mean exactly THAT. Our paycheck is CONTINGENT on winning for you. This may come through negotiations, through mediation or through a jury verdict. Our Sandy Springs attorneys want to GUIDE your case along the path to a top recovery.

The difficulty level you may encounter with many of the major insurers depends on many factors. Some companies are notorious for undervaluing claims and pushing the case to the limits. Many such claims must go to trial to achieve full recovery.

Luckily, most insurance defense attorneys don't want to risk an “excess” claim for wrongfully refusing to settle within policy limits. Regardless of whether you hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer or a Sandy Springs personal injury attorney, the most important variable is the tenacity and determination of your advocate to achieve the top dollar recovery. You must hire an experience, competent, aggressive lawyer near me with the highest legal industry ratings.

Here are the TOP 3 Reasons to call Mr. Head today:

  1. Our attorneys COME TO YOU, if you prefer. Recovering from injuries or having to now use a can, a walker or a wheelchair is terrible;
  2. The FREE consultation is critically important because you need to LOOK your ATTORNEY in the eye; and
  3. You don't pay a dime in the case unless we RECOVER for you.

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