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This process is NOT as simple as it may seem. Many factors control determining WHICH LAWYER is best suited for your wrongful death, fatal accident, or serious bodily injury case. Some of the factors to be considered are:

  1. Experience with similar cases. By way of example, this means that if the death or serious injury in your case is from the defective manufacture of a radial tire that causes a rollover accident, has he or she gone to trial with any such cases, and won?
  2. Documented successes for prior clients in similar cases.
  3. Reputation for tenacity, while following the established ethical rules of conduct for attorneys.
  4. Industry recognition in the field of litigation, meaning, “Who has conducted TRIALS that resulted in large compensation awards for other catastrophic loss cases?”
  5. Who has earned the respect of trial judges, court personnel, and expert witnesses who work in this field?
  6. Never hire an attorney who solicits you (makes uninvited direct contact) to try to become the lawyer in the case.
  7. Where did the attorney receive his or her education, both in terms of law school attended and how he or she became highly-trained in personal injury litigation cases?
  8. When meeting with the prospective attorney, how does he or she make you feel --- comfortable or uncomfortable --- that he or she will have direct, hands-on involvement in this case, from start to finish, such that you sense that the relationship will work for you and your family.
  9. When you complete the meeting with the prospective attorney, put yourself in the position of a potential trial juror and ask yourself, “Does this attorney possess the skills of persuasion and personal excellence that I want from my court room warrior, if this case must be litigated?”

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When all is said and done, you should be able to limit your actual attorney interviews to two or three attorneys, and not bother with other “wannabe” candidates. Proven track records trump eagerness and good intentions every time, when it comes to entrusting such an all-important matter to your litigation Team.

Using my checklist, GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING about who will handle it in the best, most diligent, and productive manner.

In legal matters, the expression “time is of the essence” has true meaning. Missing a statute of limitations deadline can be fatal to your PI case. In many instances for automobile accidents, Georgia law rewards the first party to file a lawsuit, when multiple claimants suffered injury or fatalities. Call our personal injury attorneys today for a FREE lawyer consultation. Our Atlanta 24-hour office number is 404.567.5515.

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