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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Atlanta Motorcycle Biker Injury

Every vehicle accident puts the occupants of those car, trucks, buses, tractor trailer or motorcycle accident cases in jeopardy. Of the above-named vehicle types, the least likely to have the operator die is the big rig truck driver.

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The most likely to die are those on a cycle in a biker accident, whether it be the bike operator or a passenger. Wikipedia explains that despite representing less than 1% of all vehicle miles, motorcycle riders account for more than 15% of all highway deaths.

Plus, the more rural the area where a motorcycle wreck happens, the more likely the motorbike rider will not survive, especially in a single vehicle crash. The chances of a wrongful death case for such incidents is remote, at best, unless the cause was a manufacturer's defect or a mechanical failure due to a repair shop error.

The second dynamic that needs to be discussed is that the availability of sufficient liability insurance for motorcycle accident victims. Because unlimited coverage is rare, when serious bodily injury or death has occurred to a motorcyclist, discussing all aspects of how to approach this is important.

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Medical bills in the half million dollar or more range are common, and few people have family members who can help pay those costs. Before talking about which motorcycle crash law firm to use, go over this likely "problem." Ask how the litigator deals with such situations, when hospital bills will far exceed the available money that is recoverable from insurance.

Thus, selecting the right motorcycle injury lawyer is critical. The law office you are considering may be among the top accident lawyers for all types of crash cases involving catastrophic injuries or fatalities, and not merely a motorbike accident. For accidents near me, this may apply to grievous injury or death occurring in ANY vehicle, depending on the part of the country where the crash happened.

Recoverable Damages "Categories" in Most Motorcycle Crash Cases

 In the event of a collision with another vehicle while operating your motorcycle, moped, or scooter it is imperative that you find quality representation as soon as possible. When the accident happens, as far as you are able, you must try to obtain statements from any witnesses, as well as preserve any evidence of the driver's responsibility.

Planning for the long term starts with immediate representation. Some circumstances which arise following an accident are listed below.

  1. Lost wages due to being laid up, or not physically able to do the work you did before; work preventing injuries;
  2. If you cannot engage in normal sexual and other activity with your significant other, this is called "a loss of consortium" claim for damages;
  3. Hospital, ambulance, therapy, prosthetics, ramp accommodation alterations to your home and office, and other and medical expenses;
  4. Loss of the quality of life, caused by PTSD, depression or sleep dysfunction triggered by the motorcycle accident;
  5. Pain and suffering from the crash trauma, followed by surgeries, rehab, and therapy that almost always induces more pain;
  6. If chronic pain is a side effect to concussion or joint damage, this is a recoverable item; and
  7. Property damage to the motorcycle and anything else destroyed or lost in the collision.

Motorcycle Lawyers: Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

When searching the Internet, look for the motorcycle accident lawyer near me who has a long track record of obtaining a full recovery for his or her clients. The proximity of a motorcycle attorney is not important.

Seven factors in vetting a motorcycle accident law firm need to be considered before hiring your experienced motorcycle crash attorneys:

  1. Does he or she give a free case evaluation?;
  2. Years of experience in motor accident litigation (all types);
  3. Legal industry recognitions and awards from the "consensus" to lawyer ratings services, like Martindale-Hubbell, America's oldest. Because a few attorneys may have "gamed" the ratings and sneaked in one year, look for year-after-year recognitions to Super Lawyers as being the test;
  4. Evaluate the wording of the motorcycle crash lawyer's "no-win, no-cost" policy, as posted online and in his or her legal agreement. These cases are very costly to pursue for whichever motorcycle accident injury lawyer takes the case, and this is critically important;
  5. Review a list of verdicts by the law group of the motorcycle personal injury attorney in death or serious injury cases in which your type of serious or permanent injuries are comparable;
  6. See if you can learn how many total motorcycle accident claims that he or she has handled to a non-trial settlement or jury verdict; and
  7. Are you convinced that the Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer is sincere in his or her dedication to your cause, from your personal interaction and your direct communications with him or her.
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Is There a Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney for All of America?

No, there is not a “best” motorcycle wreck attorney. Having a litigation specialist who has spent a long and illustrious career obtaining excellent personal injury outcomes from insurance companies is the motorcycle attorney near me that you want.  

In Georgia, the best Atlanta car accident lawyer (in terms of record-setting awards) for car accident victims may also have "best recovery" track record in motorcycle crashes. Speak with an Atlanta motorcycle injury attorney for free, if you need help sorting through all the candidates.

While many successful motorcycle personal injury lawyer candidates may talk about riding or owning motorcycles, this coincidence proves nothing about a person's trial skills.

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 As with car accidents, motorcyclists can be fully obeying all traffic laws and still be injured in a crash. Taking a certified course on driving defensively is wise and can possibly be a life-saving precaution. Knowing what to do when a dog unexpectedly darts out after you or an object falls off a pickup truck into your path is essential.

Hire motorcycle accident attorneys who can "stay the course" of protracted litigation if you have suffered serious personal injury. The same applies if you are calling for a loved one who was killed or paralyzed from being involved in a motorcycle crash.

Proven legal services from motorcycle wreck lawyer firms that are financially able to back up their promises is a key to victory. This is who will make the best motorcycle accident lawyer for your case.

So, after this full page of explanation do you know how to find the best lawyer? This is the promise of Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney William Head: if the case needs to go to a different law firm to be “lead” trial counsel, THAT is what will be done. Call today at 800-462-8222.

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