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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me

Daily TV reports come about local news motorcycle accident fatalities. The news headlines are often "motorcycle accident today" or "motorcycle accident yesterday" as the reports of yet another death on a motorcycle is broadcast.

If you are receiving that headline, the follow up is usually that a fatal motorcycle accident has occurred. Bike riders have come to expect such dire reports, since riding a motorcycle in a major city like Atlanta GA is problematic.

For family and friends who are either dealing with very serious personal injuries like a spinal cord injury or fractured skull need top-rated accident lawyers. In many cases, despite wearing a helmet, motorcycle accident injuries from auto accidents are costly and only partially covered by any insurance company.

Motorcycle accident victims, both operators and passengers do not do well in a car wreck or truck accident. Our law firm based in the Sandy Springs area of metro Atlanta Georgia represents clients in these personal injury cases. Regardless of whether the crash happened while our client was lane splitting or speeding, financial recovery may still be possible.

When a civil litigation attorney near me reviews the medical bills and lost wages of a downer bike rider, the reality of most motorcycle crashes is that insufficient liability insurance coverage exists to do much more than pay for property damage and a fraction of the hospital costs. This is when an Atlanta accident lawyer near me, with top lawyer ratings, is needed.

Motorcycle Wreck Jail

Piecing together various insurance policies and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage is the path to approaching a full settlement or jury verdict in the case. Until all avenues and money sources are tapped, the lost income, treatment and therapy expense consumes most insurance coverage. A motorcycle accident injury lawyer can only explore these potential payment providers.

7 Hidden Sources of Additional Personal Injury Financial Recovery in a Motorcycle Wreck

If you are seeking a car accident lawyer for such a semi-truck motorcycle accident collision, choosing a personal injury attorney with decades of experience and a track record for litigation success is essential. Hire an accident lawyer who has mastered the many aspects of fighting such truck motorcycle accident cases including:

  1. Knowing top accident experts to measure physical markings and analyze the crash location, collect photographic and video evidence and possibly use accident reconstruction tools and software to create a 3-D reenactment. Our rule is for your motorcycle accident lawyer to get to the scene sooner, not later. So, reaching a hiring decision or a motorcycle attorney near me is imperative to protect evidence from disappearing after the crash occurs.
  2. Making certain that all personal injuries are handled by top medical experts. These treatment physicians will potentially be key witnesses that are called to trial by your personal injury lawyer, if no adequate settlement is offered.
  3. Finding all “responsible parties” to maximize your financial recovery from all culpable parties, for negligence, product liability, defective roadway or even for non-compliance with Interstate trucking laws pertaining to CDL (commercial driver's license) operators.
  4. Using an investigator to search for eyewitnesses, security camera footage, EDR (black box) data from each tractor trailer involved in the crash, and to collect contact data for any witness that may be needed for court later.
  5. Selecting and identifying the best court in which to file a lawsuit, based upon historic jury trial data. This aspect of the case can make an enormous difference in any recovery.
  6. Protecting a potential underinsured or uninsured claim against your own policy or policies, in case the at fault tractor trailer driver and his company have inadequate liability insurance to compensate for all losses that you and your family have suffered and will endure in the future. Federal law only mandates $500,000 per person and $1 million as the minimum commercial truck liability insurance.
  7. Look into possibly being able to “stack” insurance policies where state law allows certain mutual insurance policies on multiple vehicles within the same family to be “stacked” on top of each other to increase available liability limits.
Motorcycle Wreck Insurance Policy

Motorcycle Accidents Near Me in Georgia

Thousands of motorcycle crashes happen in Georgia annually. When a single vehicle motorcycle accident is investigated, more than one in three are fatality cases. Other states that are more rural and remote have much higher death tolls.

Motorcycle Wrecks by state

Motorcycle Accidents More Often Result in Injury Than Auto Wrecks

The numbers revealed in the new federal government study clearly indicate that group riding is smarter and safer. The most recent government statistics show that motorcycle accidents represent 14 percent of total motor vehicle fatalities in the United States. This graphic, from 2019, can be view here, with NHTSA's full 5-year safety plan for motorcyclists. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many non-fatal crashes cause serious bodily injuries and crippling injury to their riders.

Based on miles traveled, motorcyclists also are about 27 times more likely than occupants of passenger cars to die in a traffic accident. In a substantial number of accident cases, motorcyclists are hit by drivers in other vehicles that do not see the motor cyclist. Sadly, with the median ager for older drivers rising, and with overcrowding of our highways, this trend of two-wheeled cycles taking the brunt of fatal injury don't seem likely to drop.

Common Causes of Most Georgia Motorcycle Accidents

Certain driving behaviors are likely to be associated with fatalities for motorcycle riders. As with other types of motor vehicles, speeding is the #1 cause. In motorcycle death cases, the speeds of other drivers may be the proximate cause of a cyclist's death:

  • One or both vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit;
  • Driving too fast for conditions, such as rain, fog, limited visibility ahead, snow and ice in the winter;
  • Failure to yield the right of way in accordance with the rules of the road;
  • Impaired driving of one of more drivers, with alcohol representing over 90% of death cases from intoxication;
  • Aggressively changing lanes, and driving between slow-moving cars and trucks;
  • Disregarding a stop sign, or other warning (traffic) signs or signals;
  • Crossing the dividing line in the road (center line); and
  • Improper lane change.

Motorcyclists are entitled to be treated the same as passenger car drivers. Thus, when another driver is at fault, you can recover from that negligent driver. The information on this web page is given to make sure all motorcycle riders RIDE DEFENSIVELY. If another motorist has caused you to suffer injury in a motorcycle accident in Georgia, our award-winning civil attorneys are ready to seek full recovery against the tortfeasors.

Below is a photo of the iconic motorcycle safety guru and vintage motorcycle shop owner, Nathan Mende, inside his shop on Highway 15 (Greensboro Highway) south of Watkinsville, GA. Nate is a close friend of Mr. Head's for almost 40 years.

Nate Mende Motorcycle

So, these complexities and hidden avenues of possible additional financial recovery show why these complex personal injury lawyer litigation cases cannot be covered by a novice injury attorney, who may miss sources for recovery. Call veteran Atlanta Lawyer Bubba Head at 404-567-5515 today for a FREE lawyer consultation.

These life-changing emergency situations have widespread repercussions through the victim's family and among his or her close friends and acquaintances. For example, when inadequate life insurance exists, the immediate concern is whether the family will lose its home, and whether long-term plans for college for children left behind can be funded.

Such fears are legitimate, and answers can be given to you and your family by a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury law attorney. When only monetary damages exist to try to replace what has been lost, you need to recover the full measure of available insurance proceeds and other assets of the responsible parties.

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In a personal injury lawsuit, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. Our law office (through our experienced, award-winning attorneys) offers “lawyers near me FREE consultation”. This metro Atlanta map shows where 90% of our cases originate.

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