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Avoid Personal Injury Lawyers Who Illegally Solicit You

CAUTION: Personal Injury Lawyers Should NOT Be Contacting You

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Quickly on the heels of a life-disrupting serious accident, many families are inundated with phone calls, text messages, items in their mail (or email) or visitors who are “suggesting” that the victim's family hire a certain personal injury attorney to handle their injury or wrongful death case. In many instances, these “callers” are engaging in what EVERY STATE BAR ASSOCIATION (which regulates attorney conduct) identifies to be “solicitation.” It is a crime in all States, but each State's laws identify what constitutes the crime. Lawyers call these "runners," and ethical personal injury lawyers do NOT use runners to obtain clients.

How to Stop Other Injury Attorneys From Bothering You and Your Family


While not all states follow the exact same ethical rules and guidelines that prohibit improper solicitation by attorneys, all states prohibit ambulance chasing - whether direct or indirect. In the age of social media postings, some law firms will aggressively research a victim's family and friends "connections" posted online and attempt to use this "inroad" to try to gain access to the personal injury case.

State laws prohibit "in person", telephonic, and direct electronic contact (such as texting or e-mail) to solicit for legal business where the motive of the solicitation is for financial gain. You can STOP these efforts by posting a notice on your front door and on your answering machine or cell phone as a recorded greeting. Be firm in your rejection of unethical conduct by corrupt personal injury attorneys.

So, you should set up a recording device on your home phone or cell device to screen calls and advise that you want no uninvited callers or visitors seeking your legal business. Only accept calls from family and known friends whose user ID can be verified. The recorded message should tell callers that you and your family do not want to be disturbed, and that you do not want any attorney solicitation contact, calls, mail or visitors, whether being done by the personal injury attorney or someone “working with” a law firm.

In the legal industry, these “runners” received this name because they receive some sort of compensation for "running down" these potentially valuable civil cases, at the risk of invading your privacy and violating State laws.

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Then, print off a printed, bold, LARGE font sign to be taped to your front door stating that you and your family are not taking any visitors who have not been invited to come to your home, and to please NOT KNOCK or use the doorbell.

Time is of the essence. Don't miss the statute of limitation or filing deadline for an ante litem notice. In many instances for motor vehicle accidents, Georgia law rewards the “first to file.” Call and Atlanta personal injury attorney today for a FREE lawyer consultation. The call is FREE: 404.567.5515.

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