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Should I Hire an Attorney I See on a Billboard Ad, TV Spot , or Bus Ad?

Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

By: William C. Head, Personal Injury Attorney Atlanta Since 1976

Hiring a lawyer from a billboard, radio or television commercial for a serious personal injury lawsuit is no smarter than hiring a surgeon for a serious operation from observing a roadside billboard ad, a radio spot or a TV commercial. In addition, while you may want to locate a dry-cleaning shop near you, don't let Google match you up with just any personal injury lawyer near me.

For these marketing firms that spend millions of dollars annually using every sort of traditional and non-traditional advertising, a VOLUME practice is virtually a “given.” In the legal industry, Atlanta attorneys call such law firms “mills,” connoting that they operate on high volume and high turnover of cases, sort of like a factory or a mill.

Don't Compromise Quality Representation for Lower Costs

The "mill" law firms MAY be okay for the garden-variety fender benders and accidents with little or no medical treatment required. So, if you have minimal loss of wages at work, and lack documentation of medical procedures, or therapy for your pain, the TV advertisers may be okay.

However, with bills for rehabilitation or permanent loss of limb or a member (such as an eye), you need top legal talent. You only get one shot at recovering what you deserve.

In considering the difference between the two extremes --- the wrongful death or crippling injury of a breadwinner and parent of dependent children versus a minor rear-end collision in which two days of lost wages and $500 in total medical bills are the total, documented damages. The critical difference is the SKILL LEVEL that you would seek for a serious personal injury case.

The best analogy for this "difference" may come from the medical field. Many of us have had to make high-level decisions about medical treatment for our family members. No more than a state Bar license indicates that a lawyer is a stellar personal injury trial attorney does a state medical license guarantee that a surgeon is at the top of his or her field. 

A Skilled Lawyer's Work Will Speak for Itself

While you may choose to act upon a billboard ad telling you the convenient location for a “doc-in-the-box” location that is good for a flu shot, minor cuts, scrapes or medication for fever reduction, would you REALLY trust a billboard, television, or radio surgeon to conduct life-and-death brain surgery or open-heart surgery?

With what you are facing in SERIOUS personal injury matters, you want (and need) the best LAWYER, NOT the best MARKETER. The top shelf, proven performer attorneys who limit their law practices to handling a smaller number of HIGH-STAKES cases are your best bet for a successful recovery of all available sources in catastrophic cases. 

These include wrongful death, traumatic brain damage, a severed spinal cord, burns, paralysis, scarring or disfigurement --- or accidents involving loss of limbs or members (e.g., loss of an eye, or a total hearing loss, or loss of the sense of smell).

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Just say "no" to the urge to call the commercial advertisers who invade our airwaves, seeking to handle any civil claim that comes their way. These lawyers are committing barratry, which is a crime.

Time is of the essence in personal injury cases. Don't miss a deadline on a statute of limitations or (when a government is being sued) filing a timely ante litem notice. In many instances for auto accidents, Georgia law rewards the “first to file.” Call our personal injury attorneys today for a FREE lawyer consultation. The call is FREE: 404-567-5515.

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