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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mr. Head created this unique concept for a “Satisfaction Guarantee” to give Clients a comfort level to retain early, and not lose an advantage in the personal injury litigation. He and his partners have represented over 4,000 clients since 1976.

Contingency Fees in Personal Injury Cases in Georgia

In criminal practice, fees are paid up front, so the client must be comfortable with his or her decision on a trial lawyer. Similarly, as you will read below, making a prompt hiring decision for a personal injury attorney near me can be crucial. For decades, Mr. Head utilized a “money back guarantee” approach to these criminal cases. After hiring Mr. Head, any of his personal injury clients – in the first 30 days — can simply change his or her mind about who he or she wants to represent them.

Does this happen often? No, but in the last 20 years, this has happened about 10 times, and usually when a family member or friend insists that THEIR lawyer friend or Cousin-who-just-graduated-from-law-school be the attorney for the case. So, it does happen. So, Mr. Head has added this “Satisfaction Guarantee” in his personal injury law and wrongful death law practice.

Mr. Head's unique Total Satisfaction GUARANTEE, as set forth below, lets you retain Mr. Head and his “Team attorney” early in the case, to enable the families and loved ones of the injured or deceased parties to shift this heavy burden of selecting their legal counsel so that they can move forward with their lives. Witnesses are located and secured, wrecked vehicles are secured, and other physical markings on the roadway that may turn out to be the “smoking gun” in the case are documented.

To facilitate that effort, once Mr. Head is hired, he gives each client this written GUARANTEE of Total Satisfaction. Below are the important parts of this Guarantee:

1. Until you and Mr. Head and his Team have signed a written retainer agreement (paper copy or electronic) for representation, you have not formed an attorney/client relationship with Mr. Head, or any lead trial attorney selected by Mr. Head for your case. As stated in this website, you personally approve the lead attorney from Mr. Head's list. We will be open and forthright with you in all dealings between us, so you fully comprehend any document which is being executed by you.

2. You have 30 days to change your mind. Our unique, 30-DAY “Total Satisfaction GUARANTEE” offers you the absolute right, within 30 days of hiring us, to fire us. Bubba wants this relationship to be both comforting and supportive of your goal of recovering full compensation for your tragic loss.

In the unexpected event of us being released as your counsel, any expenses and costs that have been incurred for your case by Mr. Head and his team ultimately would be your responsibility. Since we would have been removed from gathering all critical evidence and taken off the effort of directing and controlling the investigation and preparation of the evidence for possible civil trial, mediation or arbitration. That is only fair, since we will not be permitted to complete your serious personal injury or wrongful death case, but we have protected this vital evidence by gathering it for you.

3. Mr. Head and his Team litigation attorney know that the average citizen does not possess the legal knowledge, nor the monetary resources needed to demand fair and complete financial compensation from the “at fault” parties who have caused this tragedy.

In each case for which we are retained and thereby accept responsibility to investigate and gather evidence on our clients' behalf, ANY COSTS ARE ADVANCED BY US, not by you. If the case investigation shows that the case does not have merit or a responsible party that is able to pay monetary damages, YOU OWE NOTHING. In the event of a financial settlement or recovery, any case expenses or costs are deducted from your recovery or judgment amount. Since these costs would have been carried by Mr. Head and the other personal injury PI lawyer until the case is concluded, it is only fair that we not have to pay, when we are no longer “directing” the case.

Why Hiring Early Helps Us Better Prepare Your Case

This is important for more reasons than merely treating others as Mr. Head would want to be treated. In these major civil litigation cases, like wrongful death claim or a tractor-trailer truck accident case getting out to the scene promptly may help protect critical physical evidence and to locate eyewitnesses. Putting together a civil case is much like fitting all pieces of s puzzle together in a cohesive, clear picture.

If some puzzle pieces are “missing,” when the case goes before a jury, this could affect the financial award being made by the jurors. So, we like to get retained and start an investigation and review of accident reconstruction immediately. If that occurs, then the case receives the maximum protection against dissipation or spoliation of evidence.

How to Contact Mr. Head

If this “Team approach” makes sense to you, please call Mr. Head now to learn more about how you can place this all-important matter into the hands of TWO highly-credentialed law firms. Mr. Head can be reached at 404-567-5515 or toll free at 1-800-462-8222.

Shift this stressful burden of selecting the best personal injury law attorney off your shoulders onto ours and let our PI lawyers work – as a TEAM – toward obtaining the best possible financial recovery for you and your loved ones. REMEMBER: You only get to recover one time in personal injury cases. Don't expect to have a second chance, or “do-overs.”

Our MAIN OFFICE is located at 5590 Roswell Rd., #210, Sandy Springs, GA 30342, but for injured clients or families who have lost a family member, our Atlanta injury attorneys will come to your home, hospital room or rehabilitation center.


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