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Car Accident Lawyer Near Me in Atlanta, GA

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Motor vehicle crashes in the state of Georgia happen so fast that many injured parties never knew what hit them. Recent statistics released by the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety, 2017 and 2018 both showed a record high percentage (over 17 in each year) of serious bodily injury car accidents per 100 million miles driven. When injured at the hands of an "at fault" party, most will search for an automobile accident lawyer to first seek compensation, and (second) file a lawsuit, if needed.

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For most of our new clients with recent car accidents, Georgia laws on insurance claims and recovering for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering are highly confusing. Few people without legal representation know what to do after an accident occurs. Making certain that all medical needs and treatment are obtained for you and any other family members of passengers in your vehicle.

You can look for a personal injury lawyer near me later. Because few know the top attorneys in Atlanta, family and friends often search for "attorney," or "car" or "accident near me."

Comparing Car Accident Lawyers Atlanta GA

Once able to focus on recovering against the negligent party, you will want to investigate lawyers near me to pursue any claims that you and your family members may have. By contacting experienced auto accident attorney William Head, you can shift this burden of how to obtain a full financial settlement from this car crash to our law office attorneys' shoulders.

Instead of operating a monolithic law firm with hundreds of staff and personal injury law attorneys, Mr. Head teams up with smaller, proven, law firms with track records for recovering hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in prior recoveries for civil claimants. You pay the same contingency fees for TWO experienced law firms working on your auto crash case, as you would for ONE with the other lawyers in Atlanta.

The accident attorney car trial lawyers that work in conjunction with Atlanta personal injury lawyer William "Bubba" Head are seasoned accident attorneys. Mr. Head, a Georgia Super Lawyer for 16 straight years, and a Martindale-Hubbell 5.0 (highest rated) "av" attorney for over two decades, matches every case to the best possible injury attorney for that type of litigation.

Forty-three years helping accident victims and those harmed by medical malpractice provided a road map on how to expeditiously resolve cases like yours by negotiation, mediation or arbitration (in rare cases). Some cases require a trial, but the insurance defense law firms representing insurers know the track record of each injury attorney in Georgia and hesitate to "roll the dice" in front of 12 jurors against a skilled civil claim plaintiff's attorney.

To answer one question of many callers, our car accident lawyers give FREE legal advice over the phone 24-7. This is because that first communication with our law firm often will help that person take steps to NOT LOSE critical evidence from this accident scene. Free legal advice and a free lawyer consultation are also provided, at our law offices or at our potential client's home or hospital room.

Hiring an Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer for Your Injury Case

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After a crash, the first order of business is to get immediate, complete medical care. Automobile crashes can involve internal bleeding and this highly dangerous situation requires a thorough medical evaluation. The number one type of car crash fatality comes from head trauma causing a brain bleed that later causes pressure to build up inside the skull. Beyond internal bleeding in brain situations, the other causes of internal breeding: stomach or pelvic region bleeding when a hip is shattered from a side impact.

Once the medical situation is stabilized, having an accident investigator (retained by your personal injury attorneys) to preserve critical evidence at the roadway. Specially-trained experts take measurements of all vehicles and obtain photographs, which show a two-dimensional view, plus 3-D digital images for accident reconstruction purposes is of vital importance.

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How an Engineer or Accident Reconstruction Expert Can Help Your Case

Issues like crush damage to the vehicles (involved can by translated into impressive trial exhibits for a jury to see (or to show an auto insurance adjuster). Once gone, due to fading away from sun and rain or traffic passing over the markings, this evidence is lost forever.

Secondly, tracking down all witnesses is a critical stage of any PI case. Names and numbers can be obtained from emergency 911 calls, names of EMT and fire truck personnel at the scene, plus all law enforcement officers and any Good Samaritans that may have gotten involved. Because some people at the collision never give police their names, finding these witnesses can be difficult.

Police accident teams often use bright-colored paint on pavement showing tire positions of all vehicles, plus yaw marks, gouges in the asphalt, POI (point of impact) on the highway or on a retaining wall. In addition, the fluid trail that is often produced by the radiator and engine block oil in a head-on crash following a front-end collision can be a vital part of the evidence.

Drones are now commonly used to fly over an accident scene to give jurors a perspective of the roadway and sight distances for all drivers.

Finally, a reconstruction specialist can look for potential product liability cases when a tire defect or failure has occurred. An auto injury that came from a blown tire on the at-fault vehicle could lead your car accident attorney to sue both the at-fault driver and the tire manufacturer, since you (and other drivers) are foreseeable plaintiffs, when a vital part fails (such as a tire that has was defective due to tread delamination caused by faulty manufacturing methods at the factory in Mexico) and is the proximate cause of the vehicle careening out of control.

Client Objectives and Questions in Most Car Crash Cases

Obtaining compensation for the expenses and costs of a vehicle accident takes some time. Locating and paying all medical bills, and property damage, vehicle replacement, rental car cost, lost income from work, physical therapy bills is a prerequisite. Ultimately, your injury lawyer will seek monetary damages for your pain and suffering caused by the negligent acts of others.

By immediately assigning an accident attorney to start on your case, the wheels of resolving property damage liability claims, hospital bills, dealing with subrogation claims by your health insurer (when they have initially covered your ambulance and medical costs for treatment) can all be addressed. By having attorneys near me working on your behalf from two separate law offices, you can rest assured that all is being done to advance your civil claims.

Why not call today to set up your FREE lawyer consultation near me with one of Mr. Head's team members? Dial our dedicated vanity number for personal injury cases, at 1-800-462-8222, which spells out to 1-800-GO-BUBBA.

Accidents in Georgia create tremendous stress in your business and family life. Even an airbag crash can cause permanent damage to some individuals in certain situations. Most of our cases involve hospitalization, lost wages, some form of long-term disability or wrongful death.

Disruption is unavoidable, and your only path to compensation is to recover all that Georgia law permits, as may be limited by the liability insurance and assets of the negligent party or company responsible for your injuries and losses. Remember that your uninsured motorist coverage (or your underinsured) motorist coverage CAN be an additional, unexpected source of additional money for accident compensation in some serious injury or wrongful death cases.

How Car Accidents Near Me Happen in the Peach State

MVAs (motor vehicle accidents) occur in Georgia daily. Rain and darkness create more hazardous conditions from the related increased stopping distances involved with a slippery surface and the decreased visibility that exists at night. Insurance company statistics show that inclement weather is a consistent cause of many highway collisions.

Driver reaction time is a “human factors” function of a driver perceiving the hazard and reacting to it by braking and steering to try to avoid impact with another car, big rig truck, an SUV, a MARTA bus or pedestrian. Overall, though, the number one most likely cause of a fatal or non-fatal car accident is SPEED. All other causes combined such as distracted driving, the new hands-free cell phone law targeted at texting or punching in numbers, drunken driving, drugged driving, not obeying right-of-way rules, reaching down to control a pet or quiet a crying baby cannot equal the devastation and crash likelihood that speeding in Georgia creates.

The Georgia super speeder law was enacted about a decade ago and creates an additional $200 penalty (tax) on high-speed scofflaws, yet super speeder GA tickets continue to be issued thousands of times each month. Mr. Head has taught many high school safety courses, and his #1 message is to SLOW DOWN.

The 7 Most Common Questions for your Auto Collision Lawyer

  • How the State or local government (city or county) can be liable for hazardous road conditions
  • When a product liability claim opens the door to a larger case recovery
  • Can a governmental entity like the City of Atlanta avoid paying, under sovereign immunity?
  • Should I NOT hire a personal injury attorney when only a minor collision has occurred?
  • Why distracted driving now exceeds drunk driving accidents in road accidents
  • How is a hit and run accident or DUI accident different from a routine car wreck?
  • What is an uninsured motorist and how does that affect my accident case settlement?
  • How long does WHIPLASH last?
  • How is a rear end collision different from other accidents?
  • Can the other driver sue you?
  • When you have had to suddenly brake and move into an adjacent lane to avoid another driver, is a resulting crash your fault?