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Matching Auto Accidents to the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Bubba Head

A personal injury lawyer is needed after an auto accident due to the negligence of another person or company (or both). Collecting evidence against the negligent driver, plus images at the car wreck scene by camera, video or drone can be the secret to winning. Plus, after the initial police investigation, the markings at accident scenes gradually disappear due to weather and time.

The job of a great personal injury attorney is multi-faceted --- not just signing up clients and later filing a lawsuit. This evidence collection process immediately after a wrongful death or injury case is instrumental to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer obtaining a top recovery.

Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

Unfortunately, with the high-volume law firm television and billboard advertisers, this is what often happens. This article is about identifying and selecting an injury lawyer near me in metro Atlanta to retain.

Across America, the number on type of “accident” that results in hiring a personal injury lawyer is from a car accident. With 100 million cars and trucks driving over a billion miles a day, it is just a numbers game. Find the best car accident lawyer for your court jurisdiction and your type of auto accident or truck accident case that has led to wrongful death or personal injury (bodily injury to your body, brain or both).

How to Eliminate Unqualified Personal Injury Lawyers


An Atlanta personal injury attorney can often be found using internet-based tools or directories. However, merely searching for car accident lawyers and randomly choosing one of the people whose photo or biography shows up is like playing Russian roulette.

Think of this selection process for vetting personal injury lawyers by using the backdrop of a MEDICAL decision or hiring a top surgeon to assist you or a loved one who needs life-threatening surgery. You WANT the best surgeon. Similarly, you want the best personal injury lawyer, based on litigation credentials and years of experience as a trial lawyer in the legal industry.

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Billboard and cable TV lawyers constantly invading your privacy on local television channels and cluttering the highway rights-of-way with garish billboards should be eliminated from your list. Three reasons exist for this:

1. THAT lawyer will never be your actual trial lawyer;

2. JURORS in your jury selection pool are just as sick of seeing and hearing him or her as you are, and may not be able to overcome their disgust with the subliminal effect of the TV ads when they are deciding on the amount of money damages; and

3. Spending the monthly millions of dollars needed for these types of marketing methods makes you question the quality and experience of the personal injury lawyers who are in their stable of attorneys. This is much like having medical insurance with a company that tells you who your physician will be.

When searching for a car accident attorney, product liability lawyer or wrongful death attorney, this type of analysis of candidates is critical. Let common sense be your ally in the “weeding out” function. Remember, you only get ONE CHANCE to recover.

There are dozens of other pay-to-play badge marketing companies that simply charge for the attorney to list, regardless of his or her industry recognitions or peer recommendations. Instead, seek to find personal injury attorneys in Atlanta who are listed in the annual listings of ALL four highly-respected NATIONAL lawyer ratings services. Mr. Head has been recognized by all four. They are:

  • Super Lawyers (multiple years as a Super Lawyer)
  • Best Lawyers in America (multiple years as Best Lawyers)
  • Martindale-Hubbell – “av” & pre-eminent 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Best Law Firms in America

In addition, the State of Georgia has the GTLA, or Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, for which personal injury attorney Atlanta GA Bubba Head is proud to be one of its long-time Champion Members.

Accident attorney Bubba Head has been an “invited speaker” at hundreds of statewide CLE (continuing legal education) seminars.

Free Case Review and Analysis by an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer

Call personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA Bubba Head at 404.567.5515. Our injury attorneys near me evaluate your case for FREE. If Mr. Head accepts your personal injury case, he will team up with another top personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney whose prior track record for top recoveries is already established. Your legal fees are kept at the same contingency fee percentage of the total recovery as if you hired only one Atlanta injury lawyer.

Remember that it is imperative for you to not reveal any details to anyone, other than your attorneys to help you with your compensation claim. A simple innocently disclosed detail can damage your negotiations skills in the long run.

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