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Car Accident Attorney: Atlanta GA Wreck Lawyers Near Me


By: William C. Head, Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Since 1976 - in Atlanta GA

Car Accident Lawyer Atlanta GA Bubba Head

Blessed with many capable litigation firms, Georgia's best accident lawyers in Atlanta dominate the personal injury law landscape. Some semi-truck accident lawyers near me wrote a book on federal motor carrier safety, while a brain injury attorney across the street wins a $10 million verdict in one of his brain injury cases.

A personal injury lawyer near me is needed after a semi-truck or auto accident due to the negligence of another person or company (or both). Collecting evidence, plus any images captured at the wreck scene by camera, video or drone can be the secret to winning. Gouge marks, skid patterns, yaw marks and crush damage to all vehicles if “forensic” evidence.

Plus, after the initial police investigation, the markings at accident scenes are VERY important. These gradually disappear due to weather and time, and delay can result in EVIDENCE not being available.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified and experienced civil attorney near me in Atlanta GA to seek compensation, and for quick action to preserve important physical and tangible evidence. The map below shows the metro Atlanta counties where 90% of our Georgia personal injury cases occur.

Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer

In about 1 in 5 of our cases, a large truck of some type is involved. In a high percentage of commercial motor vehicle collisions, the risk of catastrophic injury to drivers and passengers of the occupied vehicles is significant. Quite a few big rig fatality cases result in the driver being accused of doctoring logbook records or facing a criminal defense case for which he or she can take the 5th amendment.

On our commercial truck accidents, the goal is to get an investigator to the scene of the collision within 48 hours. No one wants to find themselves the victim of a crash with any vehicle involved in commercial trucking or in a high-speed Interstate car accident. Plus, life is too short to fight with a difficult insurance adjuster or their insurance defense attorneys representing a trucking company

The job of a great personal injury attorney is multi-faceted --- not just signing up clients and later filing a lawsuit. This evidence collection process immediately after a wrongful death or injury case is instrumental to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer obtaining a top recovery.

A truck crash is far more complex, requiring an expert witness's assistance to document reconstruction of how the crash occurred. The top Georgia auto accident attorneys who are known for 8-figure or 9-figure verdicts can be counted on one hand. When you need to know and retain that lawyer for accident near me, that is where William Head comes into the picture.

Hiring the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta: The Key to Top Recovery

Unfortunately, with the high-volume law firm television and billboard advertisers, this is what often happens. This article is about identifying and selecting an injury lawyer near me in metro Atlanta to retain. Since federal law controls "log" records that must be maintained and kept by truck drivers, this can mean the difference between winning and losing. The Devil is in the details.

Across America, the number on type of “accident” that results in hiring a personal injury lawyer is from a car accident. With 100 million cars and trucks driving over a billion miles a day, it is just a numbers game. Find the best car accident lawyer for your court jurisdiction and your type of auto accident or truck accident lawyer Atlanta GA case that has led to wrongful death or personal injury (bodily injury to your body, brain or both).

Finding the Best Auto Accident Attorney Atlanta GA

Best Lawyer Car Accident

An Atlanta personal injury attorney can often be found using internet-based tools or directories. However, merely searching for car accident lawyers and randomly choosing one of the people whose photo or biography shows up is like playing Russian roulette.

Think of this selection process for vetting personal injury lawyers by using the backdrop of a MEDICAL decision or hiring a top surgeon to assist you or a loved one who needs life-threatening surgery. You WANT the best surgeon.

Similarly, you want the best Atlanta auto accident lawyer, based on litigation credentials and years of experience as a trial lawyer in the legal industry. This is particularly true in the most serious of automobile collisions, such as those resulting in spinal damage, traumatic brain injury or paralysis.

Be Certain to Select a Highly Credentialed Trial Lawyer and Not a Television Marketer

Help With Car Wreck Sue

Billboard and cable TV lawyers constantly invading your privacy on local television channels and cluttering the highway rights-of-way with garish billboards should be eliminated from your list. The only thing more annoying is the constant TV INSURANCE commercials for Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Farmers, State Farm and GEICO.

You will get whiplash trying to read the MANY big boards along I-75 south and north of Atlanta Georgia. None of the best car accident lawyers in Georgia are displaying their photos there! Nor are they popping up on daytime TV ads, driving you out of your mind.

Three reasons exist for this:

  1. THAT particular lawyer will never be your actual trial lawyer;
  2. JURORS in your jury selection pool are just as sick of seeing and hearing him or her as you are, and may not be able to overcome their disgust with the subliminal effect of the TV ads when they are deciding on the amount of money damages; and
  3. Spending the monthly millions of dollars needed for these types of marketing methods makes you question the quality and experience of the personal injury lawyers who are in their stable of attorneys. This is much like having medical insurance with a company that tells you who your physician will be.

When searching for a car accident attorney, product liability lawyer or wrongful death attorney, this type of analysis of candidates is critical. Let common sense be your ally in the “weeding out” function. Remember, you only get ONE CHANCE to recover your medical bills, lost wages and for pain and suffering with the best accident attorney in Atlanta.

Bubba Head Personal Injury

Which Legal Industry Lawyer Ratings Are the Accepted Legitimate Rankings?

Many upstart "pay-to-play" companies will sell attorneys an impressive "badge" to post on their websites. Here are several of those wannabe attorney ratings' service. Ignore these "credentials."

Limit your search to personal injury attorneys in Atlanta who are listed in the annual listings of ALL four of the highly respected NATIONAL lawyer ratings services listed below. Year after year, Mr. Head has been recognized by all four. These peer-reviewed selection services are:

  • Super Lawyers (multiple years as a Super Lawyer) for 17 years
  • Best Lawyers in America (multiple years as Best Lawyers) for 12 straight years
  • Martindale-Hubbell – “av” & preeminent 5.0 out of 5.0 for over two decades
  • Best Law Firms in America for 10 years
Best Law Firm Atlanta

In addition, the State of Georgia has the GTLA, or Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, for which personal injury attorney Atlanta GA Bubba Head is proud to be one of its long-time Champion Members. Accident attorney Bubba Head has been an “invited speaker” at hundreds of national and state CLE (continuing legal education) seminars.

The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that fighting exhaustion and fatigue and engaging in "drowsy driving" is a form of reckless driving, and that a commercial driver operating an 18 wheeler who "pushes on" despite several close calls can be held legally accountable for wrongful death or serious bodily injury claims.

As an injury victim, your success in court is ALSO our success. The benefit of Mr. Head being a Georgia lawyer for over four decades is that most of his cases are referrals from prior clients.

In representing Georgians in Atlanta personal injury cases since 1976, the trial lawyer has discovered "strategies" for getting great results that would never cross the mind of a less experienced attorney in Atlanta who spends more time marketing than going to trial. In an accident case, which only pay the attorneys' fees from what we win are at stake, you either "win or go home!"

Types of Damages Recoverable in a Personal Injury Case

Some citizens injured in auto collisions had preexisting medical conditions. The insurance adjuster will try to diminish and denigrate your current claim, especially if you don't stay on top of all recommended treatment by your physician, chiropractor or other health professional.

Any new, accident-related injuries or losses of range of motion or mobility can be proven by a CT scan, MRI, or other modern testing equipment. Your collision expenses, loss of income (past and future) are just part of damages that can be recovered.

Look at this partial list of items of damages below:

Replacement or repair of your vehicle;

Medical expense, past and future and being able to afford top medical professionals;

Wages that were missed prior to your injury case settlement;

If limited in ability to work, or physically unable to be employed, these future earnings;

Pain and suffering, which is an intangible number that is left to the conscious of the jury;

Loss of Consortium, which means the inability to have had the same level of intimacy and relationship with your spouse or significant other.

The Risks of Dealing Directly with Insurance Companies

As a beginning point to consider, one overriding principle of our laws is that an “admission against interest” can be utilized by an opponent to limit or block your claims of injury or damage. A common occurrence (in the modern era where an ambulance ride can cost thousands of dollars) MANY injured people tell police or an EMT “I'm fine,” when (in reality) the person is dazed, confused and has a lot of adrenalin flowing that often masks the pain.

Insurers will quickly point out that our client declined medical treatment at the scene and got a friend or family member to pick up the person, whose pickup truck or SUV was now inoperable. When that same person notices that he cannot lift his arms up and over his hear due to a sharp pain at the mid-point of his back. So, three days after the impact, he goes to an orthopedic doctor three who finds that the man's back is fractured.

This lack of an immediate medical evaluation and diagnosis can compromise some claims. An insurance adjuster may assert that the person had some pre-existing back problems.

Georgia Went From No-Fault Insurance to Returning to an “At-Fault” State

In 1975, the Georgia Legislature enacted laws to test a national trend of enacting “no fault” motor vehicle liability insurance. It was SUPPOSED to save on insurance costs by the person claiming his or her recovery against their own policy. It really did not work well at all, and the General Assembly repealed the flawed laws in 1991.

Now, Georgia is (once more) a “fault” auto liability insurance state. This change in the law lets an aggrieved car crash victim go against the person or company responsible for the car wreck PLUS, against that at-fault party's insurance company AND the claimant's own automobile policy. Computer guru Clark Howard suggests going against the other driver and his or her insurance initially.

Modern accident cases may have an independent “insurance adjuster” or an in-house agent that deals with you. These representatives are rewarded for SAVING their company money. That means victims will be offered less money than their claim is worth, and that an effort to “close out” the full case (including future medical costs and treatment) shortly after the collision. This is usually a mistake, and often a disaster.

Free Accident Case Review and Analysis of Best Lawyer to Hire

Call personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA Bubba Head at 404-567-5515. Our injury attorneys near me evaluate your case for FREE. If Mr. Head accepts your personal injury case, he will team up with another top personal injury lawyer or wrongful death attorney FOR YOUR EXACT TYPE CASE whose prior track record for top recoveries in these practice areas match the case. is already established.

Your legal fees are kept at the same contingency fee percentage of the total recovery as if you hired only one Atlanta injury lawyer. Why would you turn down having an extra car accident lawyer Atlanta GA fighting for you, for the SAME contingency fee?

Our MAIN OFFICE is located at 5590 Roswell Rd, #210, Sandy Springs, GA 30342, but for injured clients or families who have lost a family member, our accident attorneys come to your home. Get a FREE consultation with one of three award-winning law firm partners. Whether you are seeking a traumatic brain injury lawyer near me, or the best car accident attorney Atlanta, Bubba Head can help you.

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