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Bodily Injury Definition

Examples of a SERIOUS Bodily Injury area motor vehicle collision, accident case or a similar event or encounter with an insured or uninsured driver. Auto insurance is the usual source to pay for such damages, if the at-fault driver is insured. Medical expenses in this day and age can be staggering, so analysis of your uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance will be an early question asked.

For something to be SERIOUS the effects must be long-lasting, causing a protracted loss or impairment of the victim's normal life and functionality. Plus, we need to have some source of recovery from bodily injury liability insurance, or your own uninsured motorist bodily injury insurance. That other responsible party's liability limits are a key concern, plus the motorist property damage coverage, if any.

As a guide to our law firm's LIMITATION on the type of cases we accept, this listing of examples highlights what a “serious” injury to a person's BODY means. Of course, some clients are calling us due to the loss of a loved one from a fatal crash, which will result in a wrongful death claim. Think of this type of injury rising to the level of loss of use of an arm, leg, hand, foot, or the function of a bodily organ or mental faculty which can be protracted and obvious disfigurement may exist.

Bodily Injury Examples

Any of the following damages, if caused to a person's body by another person or company, would qualify:

  • Being knocked out from an impact and losing consciousness whereby part of your memory is lost. Subsequently, you are medically diagnosed with having had a concussion, skull fracture or suffered traumatic brain injury or other catastrophic injury;
  • Your skin being pierced, cut or torn open from a violent or traumatic even like a car accident;
  • Traumatic amputation or crushing of an appendage (foot, arm, leg) that requires amputation to avoid potentially dying from gangrene or infection;
  • Having any broken or dislocated bone, torn ligaments, joint separations (e.g., shoulder) and especially compound fractures or skull fractures;
  • Being burned by chemicals, fire or caustic liquids;
  • Suffering injury to or disturbance of your normal vision, hearing, sense of taste or sense of smell;
  • As a result of a collision or crash caused by another, having to undergo surgery to repair or remove any organ, foot, toe, hand or finger, or bone joint, such as a hip dislocation;
  • Being poisoned by foods, beverages or by a retail product sold by a business establishment in commerce;
  • Having your neck or body be twisted in a way to cause spinal, neck or nerve damage or traumatic brain damage, and puts many victims at a substantial risk of death;
  • Being placed in a body cast or traction, to alleviate pain;
  • Being bruised severely enough to create a visible hematoma (large reddish, blue, yellow or black discolorations);
  • Suffering a fractured, broken or cracked bone, vertebrae, skull, which is common in trucking accidents;
  • Whiplash (contra coup) injury severe enough to necessitate immediate medical attention and radiological evaluation at a hospital with a CT scan, x-rays or MRI, and requiring therapy and/or prescribed pain pulls and other medications (e. g., muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds) for the injuries;  
  • Bodily injury may result from a motor vehicle collision or accident on a public road, business parking lot, at a public venue like the Atlanta Braves stadium or concert venue;
  • Injury caused through negligence of another (e.g., skateboarder recklessly jumping down a stairwell and striking a child or adult who is unwittingly in the reckless person's path);

Acts that are in the commission of a crime or an intentional act (e.g., physical assault with fists or hands or an instrument such as a golf club, baseball bat or stick), firing a bullet or projectile of any type in the direction of another (e.g., using bow and arrow). These assaults may not be covered under the assailant's insurance coverage.

Causing bodily injury on purpose is a crime (assault, battery, etc.)  Criminals engaging in such conduct can be sued, just as can be done in civil negligence actions. However, these criminal actors are not going to be insured for such acts, which leaves only their property and assets to obtain a financial recovery.

On the other hand, accidental and negligent harm may result in a lawsuit that will typically be paid by a liability insurance company. If insufficient insurance leaves additional amounts owing for medical costs, and other damages, the injured party's own automobile or homeowner's policy may be added to the potential defendants in civil litigation.

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The law office needs to know your collision coverage, and your uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Plus, this extra insurance rider may be of benefit for uninsured motorist property damage to your vehicle. Most important, though, is the uninsured motorist bodily injury liability limits.


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