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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Near Me After Georgia Car Crash

By: Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Kristen Campbell

Motor vehicle accidents in Georgia are the number 1 cause of hospital emergency visits. So, Atlanta traffic accidents near me today often result in the car accident victims hiring an experienced accident attorney in Georgia with a law office that specializes in injury claims and wrongful death claims in the Atlanta Georgia metro area.

Veteran car accident lawyers in Georgia. If you are one of those who needs to seek compensation for injuries after being hurt in a motorcycle, truck or car accident case, contact William Head, accident lawyer in Atlanta with 4 office locations for his law practice. The Georgia native has practiced as a Georgia car accident lawyer since 1976 in the State of Georgia, handling traffic accidents near me.

In the metro Atlanta GA 19-county area, at least 500 crash lawyers near me have websites touting their willingness to fight at-fault driver's insurance companies after a car crash Atlanta. New rules for court proceedings after the 2020 COVID pandemic are altering the way a car wreck attorney near me approaches resolving these injury claims.

Car Crash Atlanta Accident Today: Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Car wreck Attorney Atlanta. Following a car accident Atlanta, an immediate investigation to establish the other party's liability is critical. Your Atlanta auto accident attorney needs to get started to protect these 5 areas of concern:

  1. After a fatal accident Atlanta today, getting roadside photographic evidence, crush damage images from a 3-D camera, and drone images at (and above) the accident scene can be vital. The roadside conditions for such vehicle accidents near me may be altered or depredated by the negligent parties. The best accident lawyers in Atlanta, GA know that immediate deployment of investigators can be a key to help win some cases.
  2. If an uninsured motorist caused the auto accident near me, immediate steps need to be undertaken to notify your uninsured motorist carrier. This helps assure that (after you were injured) they are paying your hospital bills, long term rehab or convalescence, and medical care providers. Getting you back to work is critical, in most families. Plus, your insurer will need to replace or repair your vehicle.
  3. Next your accident attorneys should arrange for an accident reconstructionist to obtain the download of the EDR (electronic data recorder) that all modern vehicles have these recorders as part of their electrical systems. Getting this post-airbag deployment data and the few seconds prior to deployment can be the key to winning some cases. Plus, EDR data may convince your car accident attorney to settle your case and not go to trial if the results are unfavorable.
  4. In recent car accidents, Georgia law firms are more likely to gather all evidence of any traffic crimes committed by the other driver that may lead to a civil claim for punitive damages. For example, leaving the scene of an accident is the type of intentional attempt to evade detection, and skirt financial responsibility. Moreover, a sizeable number of those hit and run drivers have had alcohol or drugs before or during driving and can additionally be charged with DUI-DWI.
  5. Although medical malpractice seldom occurs in emergency cases, obtaining legal advice about irregularities after a car accident near me. In cases where our client may have been the at fault driver, medical negligence can sometimes cause the victim of a fatal car accident Atlanta today to not survive the hospital treatment. Although rare, looking into vehicle malfunction and proper emergency room care as a possible cause of death are part of what a personal injury attorney does.

Checking Attorney Ratings for Car Accident Lawyers in Georgia

Some people unfamiliar with the legal system select a car accident lawyer Atlanta GA from a billboard. Others watch a lot of television and consider the accident lawyers in Georgia who run incessant ads on local TV channels. Until the Internet and websites were invented, a large segment of Yellow Page ads was a source of selecting legal counsel.

The three primary questions you need to answer about the Atlanta car accident lawyer you retain are these: (1) has he or she been tapped for inclusion in the 4 major lawyer peer-reviewed lawyer accolades directories: Best law Firms in America, Best Lawyers in America, Martindale, at 5.0 of 5.0 and preeminent, and Super Lawyers; (2) is the attorney well-versed on the interplay between Georgia traffic laws and the civil justice system in handling any recent car accidents near me; and (3) how many years of experience do the various accident lawyers in Georgia have under his or her belt?

William Head, Atlanta car accident lawyer, has over 44 years of legal service, and has been repeatedly included in all 4 of the law ratings services for outstanding credentials. You will not see his photo on the side or back of a MARTA bus, or on TV commercials, because he lets his years of service and attorney accolades serve as his "calling card."

If our Atlanta car accident lawyers do not win your injury case, you owe no legal fees. Our accident lawyers in Atlanta GA will review your case as part of a FREE consultation. Next, our legal team represents you via a contingency fee agreement. This means that our accident lawyers in Atlanta GA get paid a percentage of the recovery or jury verdict obtained for you.

To obtain your FREE lawyer consultation directly with Mr. Head, call today to his office at 404-567-5515 and ask to speak directly to him. This meeting with clients can be virtual or in person, using social distancing guidelines. The sooner you act, the more the evidence our law firm can collect and save for possible later litigation, which improves your rights for collecting the full value on your claims.


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