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Catastrophic Injury Attorney

The Shock of the Sudden Death of a Loved One or the Devastation of a Catastrophic Injury

No other experience can match the trauma of a family who has suddenly lost a beloved family member or members to an act of negligence or even criminal misconduct. Wrongful death is the legal term for such cases, but those words do not in any way adequately address the explosion of emotions, worry and fear of the unknown after such an event occurs.

Similarly, catastrophic injury cases that result in disability or paralysis alter your life plans forever.

Handling the Repercussions

No one is ever prepared for this disruption of their daily lives, because it is not supposed to happen. Not all personal injury incidents end in death, but may involve catastrophic brain injuries, or traumatic spinal damage or other serious, crippling loss of a limb or use of the victim's body parts. In some cases, the accident victim is in a coma or will require lengthy rehabilitation and dealing with the possible cost of such medical necessities is overwhelming. Our legal system only offers an inadequate solution --- a monetary award to compensate for your loss.

These life-changing emergency situations have widespread repercussions through the victim's family and among his or her close friends and acquaintances. For example, when inadequate life insurance exists, the immediate concern is whether the family will lose its home, and whether long-term plans for college for children left behind can be funded. Such fears are legitimate, and answers can be given to you and your family by a knowledgeable, experienced personal injury law attorney. When only monetary damages exist to try to replace what has been lost, you need to recover the full measure of available insurance proceeds and other assets of the responsible parties.

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