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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers in Georgia: Traffic Deaths

By: William C. Head, Wrongful Death Attorney and Car Accident Lawyer Atlanta Since 1976

The stay-at-home orders following the COVID 19 outbreak in Spring of 2020 greatly reduced the number of fatal accidents in the states that shut down businesses. Before that, it was common to turn on the TV at night and Atlanta news today carry a story of a nearby fatal accident, which very commonly happened on an Interstate highway.

A Georgia accident in the rural counties would likely be big news. But a metro Atlanta television news broadcast headline of "285 Accident Today" or "Car Wreck Today: Atlanta Accident" might not be compelling enough to stay through the commercials that come before the story airs, unless the headlines mentions a traffic fatality. Maybe "Deaths Occur in Accident on 75 Today" would hold the viewer past the car insurance ads and new prescription  medication with 35 side effects.

Georgia Crash: How Many People Die in Car Accidents Each Year?

The National Safety Council statistics in prior years revealed that for several prior years, over 40,000 deaths on the highways in the USA were occurring each year. Certainly, in a major city like Georgia's capitol of Atlanta with its roads and highways near me. this is true.

In 2018, the official death count was 1,504. The 2019 numbers from GA DOHS have not been released, but the digital boards on Georgia 400 at the end of 2019 showed more than 1,650 deaths on Georgia's roads, which is unofficial information.

The pandemic of 2020 will likely drop annual deaths to below 1400 for the calendar year, simply based on a reduced number of miles being driven by far fewer daily commuters. Plus, the State of Georgia lost about a million people who relocated elsewhere after losing jobs during the quarantine and virus outbreak. So, our monthly fatality rate may stay constant based on this drop in total residents.

Almost daily, car accidents near me today on a radio traffic report local news broadcast channel are headlines makers. A co-worker sees an app message for a traffic alert and notifies you of an accident on 285 today involving a semi accident or car crash that may prevent you driving your usual route on the drive home.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, protests and disruption of cities (including Atlanta, Georgia) have been widespread. As part of corrective action on police detention and arrest procedures being utilized, fewer police will be patrolling our roadways, since job openings for Georgia police officers were around 20,000 prior to June of 2020.

Car Crash Near Me: Accident Lawyer Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Cases

Atlanta traffic accidents happen, including single vehicle crashes, motorcycle-car wrecks, a truck accident, pedestrian-vehicle crashes the generic two vehicle crash. No matter the number of vehicles that collide, or who was at fault, injury or a death can happen, particularly in a motorcycle accident.

Perhaps you had a car accident today and are now reading this page and searching for legal counsel to help you with medical bills, lost wages, hospital bills, and ambulance transport costs. Plus, you want help dealing with the insurance company on the property damage claim. Most internet surfers seeking lawyers near me are looking for an accident attorney at a reputable and successful personal injury law office.

The family trauma that follows pedestrian deaths or a family member dying on an interstate or multi-laned road in a motorcycle wreck or reported fatal night collision shatters lives. Such life-changing recent car accidents involving friends, co-workers or family can have tragic effects on both the people in the auto accident and relatives. You need a seasoned attorney for a car accident Atlanta collision resulting in a vehicular homicide.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys for Traffic Accidents Near Me

 If a close friend or family member has been injured or killed, call today for a free consultation with an award-winning personal injury lawyer with our law firm. Our Georgia lawyers can take steps to preserve key evidence from the crash scene. Plus, having information about how to proceed will make this difficult ordeal easier to negotiate.

CALL NOW to have our legal advocates demand justice from those who were at fault. A FREE case evaluation costs you nothing. Plus, all personal injury attorney and wrongful death lawyer cases that our law group accepts is handled on a contingency fee arrangement, meaning that you pay no legal fees until and unless we win your case. Our seasoned attorneys in the Atlanta metro area can set up a virtual meeting or will come to your home and meet face to face.

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