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Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer: Best Traffic Accident Attorney

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A news headline stating "Car Accident Atlanta" or "Georgia Car Crash on Interstate" is a nightly event in the Peach State. Every week, car accident victims who were injured in a car crash call for a free consultation with lawyers near me. Medical expenses are already in the thousands of dollars, and they know that insurance companies rarely cover all medical bills.

Atlanta traffic accidents today will be a future settlement or lawsuit for lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and (tragically) sometimes for wrongful death. Accident cases comprise most of the civil litigation in America, including Georgia car wreck cases. After an Atlanta accident, you need the help of an experienced Atlanta auto accident lawyer, whether driving to the grocery store or coming from Six Flags Georgia, Stone Mountain, Mercedes-Benz Stadium or Piedmont Park.

By hiring the best car accident lawyer in Atlanta to oversee and manage this case, you increase your chances of winning a substantial verdict or settlement for the civil case. Look deeper into trial experience for all car accident attorneys in Georgia that you are considering. This article explains why acting quickly can make a huge difference.

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Atlanta GA for an Atlanta Wreck

Most people ticketed or arrested for being the "at fault" driver in recent car accidents Georgia will immediately call a traffic attorney Atlanta. Whatever advice that criminal defense attorney may provide his or her client could make getting certain witness statements more difficult to obtain.

In about 5% of our law office personal injury cases for accidents near me we see our injured clients also face a traffic violation for some aspect of what transpired at the accident scene. In some cases, it is a very minor offense, like not wearing his or her seat belt. In others, when the drivers involved in the car crash dispute who had the green light, or should have yielded the right of way, both drivers may be cited for motor vehicle crimes.

For such cases, our strategy is to help our client retain a traffic lawyer Atlanta to defend that pending traffic citation. It may benefit our civil claim by making certain that any unfounded accusations against our client are eliminated or diverted. These traffic ticket lawyers often have ongoing interaction with the courtroom prosecutors assigned to such Georgia car wreck disputes. Do not just let Google point your search to the first car accident lawyer Atlanta GA that pops up on the screen, without vetting him or her.

In addition, the insurance company for the negligent driver usually assigns an at fault accident lawyer to defend the civil aspects of the car accident Atlanta GA. So, suddenly you have two opposing legal advocates working on the collision and you need our accident lawyers in Georgia watching out for your legal rights.

Other Nearby Metro Atlanta Cities With a High Volume of Car Crash Cases

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These 6 north Fulton County, Cobb County, DeKalb County or Gwinnett County locations have a high incidence of automobile accidents. Major highways like I-85, I-75, Georgia 400, the I-285 Perimeter, and Highway 316 to Athens and the nearby major traffic feeder highways account for about 1800 accidents with injuries or deaths monthly.

Since the advent of rideshare services, quite a few new cases have needed the help of an Atlanta Uber accident attorney. Lyft, UBER, and other ride services have varying coverage of accidents and limited amounts of secondary liability insurance protection, so you will need expert help to win in these injury or fatality cases. Police in and around these cities investigate most north metro Atlanta road accidents.

Alpharetta: The highly congested streets in the City of Alpharetta GA require the services of an auto accident lawyer in Alpharetta. The AT&T Amphitheater off I-85 north and the booming Avalon area near GA 400 bring a great deal of nighttime traffic to those areas. If a client is ticketed, his or her case would be heard at Alpharetta Municipal Court. Your Alpharetta car accident lawyer may be able to handle this traffic citation or may refer it to a criminal law specialist.

Sandy Springs: An accident attorney in Sandy Springs may be the Atlanta car injury lawyer needed for that case. Just 5 miles north of Buckhead, such cases commonly happen, especially with the $1 Billion construction zone between Roswell Road, GA 400 highway and Ashford-Dunwoody Road that has been underway on I-285 for the past 3 years.

Roswell: This cut-through city north of the Chattahoochee River borders Cobb County and is an area that brings traffic from Cherokee County and Forsyth County toward Atlanta GA. With its many multi-laned roadways, like Highway 92, Georgia Highway 120, and Georgia Highway 140, a car wreck attorney Atlanta is commonly needed.

Dunwoody: This historic shopping area near Perimeter Mall is saturated with apartment and condominium residences. Plus, some of the better restaurants is the north Atlanta area are in the DeKalb County city of Dunwoody. Shoppers and diners account for many fender-benders, and the diverging diamond intersection at Ashford-Dunwoody Road is the site of many monthly accidents.

Marietta: An auto accident attorney Marietta stays busy in the Cobb County State Court or Superior Courts with personal injury accident cases. Like Roswell GA, the Marietta and Smyrna areas in Cobb County have Cobb Parkway, Highway 41, the East-West Connector and Highway 5, which are packed with commuter traffic, which leads to collisions. In addition, ever since the Atlanta Braves moved to its new baseball stadium, it has become a hub of nighttime activity.

Duluth: This Gwinnett County city has I-85 running through it north of the city of Lilburn as well as being the location of the Gwinnett Arena and several popular sports venues. GA Highway 316 originates in that area and passes through Lawrenceville GA toward the University of Georgia in Athens-Clarke County. Traveling west of Duluth takes you through Johns Creek, GA. Plus, past Suwanee GA, I-985 veers north off I-85 toward Buford and Gainesville GA.

How Soon Do I Need a Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Atlanta?

A collision attorney near me will have resources for handling that Atlanta crash that the average citizen does not know how to find. Plus, the site of a car accident Atlanta today will be cleaned up tomorrow. Important, potential evidence may disappear and not have been photographed, marked, or documented as it was at the time of the collision.

For example, an accident reconstruction specialist may need to travel to that car crash Atlanta scene and measure roadway gouges, yaw marks, distances and arcs of a curving skid pattern, and fly a drone over the accident scene before weather and passing traffic obliterate the physical evidence. Plus, knowing ways to expedite delivery of Atlanta car accident reports is an acquired skill for a Georgia car accident lawyer.

William C. Head: Award-Winning Georgia Car Accident Attorney Near Me

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In searching for an Atlanta car accident law firm, focus on legal industry credentials first. Those Atlanta personal injury lawyer ratings and years of experience conducting investigations of truck accidents, Atlanta Uber accident cases, motorcycle wrecks and pedestrian injury cases are what counts the most. Not all accident lawyers in Atlanta GA are trained the same for handling these complex cases.

Call today for a FREE lawyer consultation to review all aspects of your serious injury or wrongful death case. 800-462-8222. The consultation is free and so is the phone call.


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