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Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer Bubba Head

By: William C. Head, Award Winning Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can happen anywhere and at any time of the day or night. When any car accident results in serious injuries, death, disfigurement or scarring, you almost always need to have an experienced, skilled and proven car accident attorney on your side. You can bet your last dollar that insurance companies, who must pay for the negligent acts of the driver who caused the accident, will have highly competent attorneys on staff to deal with you and your claim.

This article, from a personal injury attorney Atlanta GA, gives you guidance on how to proceed with an accident injury case, including answering the question "how do you pay a car accident lawyer Atlanta who represents me?" That question has a simple answer: contingency fee agreement. In short, this means that you pay nothing up front, since the best collisions lawyers near me only get paid when your case settles of obtains a jury verdict.

If your case is a serious injury case, and you are reviewing online listings for a car accident lawyer near me, call our law firm. 404-567-5515. For over 43 years, Mr. Head has given a FREE case evaluation and reviews all available accident data for those injured by the negligence of others.

Auto Accident: Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney For the Case

Extensive property damage in car accident cases (e.g., your vehicle is totaled) always occurs in an automobile accident. Distracted driving has now become a more serious risk than driving under the influence, in the State of Georgia. Safety features inside your vehicle may protect you against serious injury. However, some major crashes, especially with larger vehicles, can result in brain damage, loss of an arm or leg, scars, burns or broken bones.
When severe injury or wrongful death personal injury cases have occurred, you want to have the best car accident lawyer on your side. Remember, you only get ONE chance to recover the full value of your claim. As you consider retaining a traffic accident attorney, look at credentials, experience and legal industry awards and recognitions.

Atlanta Car Wreck Law Firm

Immediately following a car wreck involving serious injury, the victims can be overwhelmed by insurance company adjusters, gathering police reports and accident reports, and obtaining full medical treatment and corrective surgery. A highly recommended car accident lawyer in the Atlanta area whose prior experience with insurance companies has established him or her as a proven winner is who you want to retain.

A top-notch personal injury attorney in Atlanta can help minimize the burden put upon the victim after an auto accident. Plus, you want a true expert when it comes to negotiating the medical expense charges from any hospital or collecting a large verdict for past and future lost wages.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Bubba Head

Car Accident Lawyer Bubba Head

An automobile accident attorney knows exactly how to pursue any monetary damages that may be recoverable for you and your family members. Each state's laws control how the civil litigation case must proceed, and this set of rules --- when not followed --- can eliminate some claims by injured drivers who try to handle their own claims.

For example, certain municipal or county claims require what is called an ante litem notice to be sent out BEFORE any lawsuit can be started, to give the public entity a chance to settle out of court. Failure to send the proper notice in a timely fashion can eliminate your chance to recover.

Determining who is at fault for the car accident in which you or a family member was involved is an important part of the process. Experienced auto lawyers near me know how to get accident reconstruction experts to the wreck scene to review the causes of the crash (such as speeding or running a red light).

This early involvement of a skilled and experienced law firm with experienced personal injury lawyers can help victims recoup compensation for lost earnings, medical bills, disability payments, car repairs, and for pain and suffering.

Atlanta Car Wreck Injuries

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Time is of the essence. Don't miss a statute of limitation or ante litem notice being sent on time. In many instances for car accidents, Georgia law rewards the “first to file” on multi-party litigation. Your automobile accident attorney needs to be as aggressive in collecting evidence as the insurance company investigators.

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