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Dealing With Traumatic Brain Injury Following an Accident

By: Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyer William Head

Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury TBI Lawyer Bubba Head

Atlanta personal injury attorneys near me know that brain damage can be one of the more devastating types of accident cases because the harm caused not only disables the victim but may cause other family members to give up their jobs to take care of the now dependent loved one. The financial devastation can also cause the family to have to put the family member in a nursing home or hospice, depending on the extent of brain damage.

In Georgia alone, citizens suffer over 50,000 traumatic brain injuries. Signs and symptoms of head injury rising to the level of traumatic brain injury TBI include these scenarios, depending upon whether the category of mild to severe, and what parts of the brain are damaged. The most severe types of brain trauma can trigger cardiac arrest.

Because brain injury is not always immediately apparent or showing symptoms, rollover accidents or severe impact crashes should be medically cleared by a hospital ASAP. Many deaths or avoidable traumatic brain injury deaths have been averted by taking this readily available precaution.

TBI Symptoms

While symptoms of a mild TBI case may dissipate within a few weeks, severe concussions may lead to long term treatment, surgery or therapy. An experienced Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer may know highly related neurologists or neurosurgeons that should be consulted on the injured person's case.

When Georgia injury attorneys receive a call from a loved one or spouse of an accident victim, a review of the circumstances of the brain injury will take place. For some cases, the answers will be very short and to the point (e.g., the person slipped on a slippery floor at a Wal-Mart and landed on the back of his head, causing skull fractures). In other personal injury cases, the initial interview can last well over an hour, to get details of an auto accident, ask about whether a CT scan or MRI has been undertaken, see which insurance companies have coverage, inquire about availability of medical insurance or workers' compensation benefits, or related fact-gathering.

Atlanta Brian Injury Law Firm

Help Your Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney by Noting the Injured Party's Behavioral Changes on a Calendar

Symptoms and signs or brain injury in accidents near me in metro Atlanta are not always immediately apparent. Immediately seeking medical care at a hospital that has the needed scans and imaging equipment. Stabilizing your injuries (e.g., stopping a brain bleed) is the first order of business. Plus, this contemporaneous record of hospital visits and any radiological diagnosis is a vital part of your proof of injury.

Keeping a daily journal, log or diary of a person's symptoms, complaints and behavioral changes can be vital to assuring that head trauma is not worsening. Family and loved ones should stay with or near the injured person to look for (and notate) any of these noticeable behaviors:

  • loss of consciousness;
  • severe headache onset;
  • clear or pink-colored fluid coming from the nose or from one or both ears;
  • weeks of headache that won't go away;
  • aberrations in vision, such as blurred vision or seeing double images;
  • vomiting or feeling nauseous;
  • speech is affected, such as slurring or the person may not be able to utter his or her own name;
  • person appears to be sleeping, or is asleep and cannot be awakened easily;
  • repeating questions, or saying the same words or phrases, or doing repeated actions;
  • displaying clear signs of irritability;
  • abnormal patterns of laughing, crying or mere confusion that is unlike the person's usual actions;
  • becoming aggressive in an inappropriate manner;
  • acting impulsively and not seeming to be able to restrain that behavior;
  • blood vessel rupture or tear;
  • loss of inhibitions or lack of restraint;
  • unequal pupil size (the pupils of the person's eyes are different diameters);
  • both eyes show dark circles like a raccoon's eyes;
  • fatigued behavior;
  • cyanosis (getting a blueish tinge to the skin color, due to loss of oxygen flow);
  • inability to properly balance while standing; and
  • becoming disoriented, or apathetic, or suddenly anxious.

How TBI (Traumatic Brain injury) Differs From Anoxic Brain Injury or Hypoxic Brain Injury

A blow to or a shaking of the brain causes TBI. Other serious types of brain injury associated with loss of oxygen to the brain can be caused by other (usually non-traumatic) events. Cerebral hypoxia is a medical condition associated with deprivation of the brain of oxygen. Severe disability and even death can come from this hypoxic-anoxic injury or “HAI.” Partial oxygen flow or temporary total brain oxygen interruption can cause catastrophic cognitive and functional issues, as seen in stroke victims.

Generally, persons who have non-traumatic brain injuries have been without oxygen due to near drowning, or possible an act of medical malpractice or the negligence of a hospital or nursing home facility. The medical term “hypoxia” is translated to mean “partial lack” of oxygen.

Finding a Brain Injury Attorney in Georgia

The types of injuries leading to most brain injury cases reviewed by our law firm arise from car accidents. Traumatic brain injury symptoms range from not being aware of any loss of consciousness to being “knocked out” from a violent impact. Direct impact to the person's skull is not necessary, since a rear end collision with the victim's vehicle can cause crippling injury or even fatal brain damage.

William Head Personal Injury

Regardless of how brain damage was caused, permanent mental and physical limitations may follow. The victims harmed by the actions or negligent conduct from others (whether a person or a business, government agency, hospital or corporation has the legal right to seek to recover damages. The experienced lawyers working with Serious Personal Injury Attorneys are your source of support to obtain the maximum compensation against the at-fault party or companies.

Accidents or intentional conduct (like getting drunk and driving) and injures a victim's brain thereby impacts every aspect of the injured party's life. Some injuries that cause a piercing of the skull or impact to the head can cause permanent damage to the brain.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by another driver's neglect, disregard for the safety of others, or as the result of other types of impact with a citizen that jolts or impacts his or her skull. The most common civil cases our law office sees include:

  • A slip and fall case, as described above, either within a business or at a public building;
  • A truck, SUV, van, bus or car accident
  • Being attacked, struck or assaulted with an object, gun or a person's hands;
  • A motorcycle accident, scooter crash or a bicycle accident (two-wheeled vehicles);
  • An object thrown or that has fallen from a high place due to another negligence;
  • Construction sites and roadway building crews may be the source of head trauma; and
  • Being knocked over or attacked by a dog or other animal.

For clarification of your legal rights in civil case, following a serious bodily injury or wrongful death of a family member, call a personal injury attorney near me in the metro cities and counties shown below.:

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