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The United States is known for the high number of car accidents that happen every year. Atlanta car accidents make the nighttime news almost daily. So many occur, however, that only the extremely sensational, amazing or tragic collisions in Atlanta are broadcast.

The State of Georgia also has over 1,500 annual deaths from motor vehicle accidents in the Peach State. That number is significant, but, hundreds of thousands of personal injury victims in Georgia survive the car crashes and require quality legal representation.

Accidents near me today in or near Atlanta Georgia often turn into personal injury cases. Substantial claims should only be pursued by Atlanta lawyers who are experts in accident cases. After a vehicle crash, multiple stages of investigation, reconstruction, litigation by filing a lawsuit, depositions and possible mediation will follow these car accidents.

When a person dies due to the negligent or intentional acts of a wrongdoer, a wrongful death case may be pursued. This is handled by the personal injury lawyers hired by the surviving family members. These are the claimants who (under Georgia law) are entitled to bring the lawsuit for any accident victims who perished.

If you have suffered bodily injury or a fatality at the hands of another person or company, a legal basis exists for a civil action. This is commonly called a personal injury claim. The crux of this type of civil litigation is that another "actor" failed to exercise due care and was “negligent” is some fashion.

Which Accidents Near Me Today Require Legal Counsel?

Most single car crashes do not require hiring a personal injury lawyer Atlanta. That is because most of these wrecks are the driver's fault. But, some exceptions to that can be found when a motor vehicle has a product liability issue or from negligent road conditions.

Truck Accident Lawyer Bubba Head

In some cases, multiple parties can share this liability. For example, in a 3-car crash, the other two vehicles may be jointly liable. If one of those is a commercial truck and not a normal car collision, critical accident injuries may occur.

Since Atlanta metro counties are constantly under construction, a substantial number of car crashes are associated with road hazards. Crashes occur due to poor lighting, missing or confusing signage or the placement of barrels or cones. These car accident claims are not as numerous as multi-vehicle wrecks.

Each of these can be a contribution cause of negligence. Of course, the other driver that struck you is usually the party who is primarily at fault.

The word "civil" means "non-criminal" since most legal matters call into one of these two major categories. Carelessness or negligence does not mean that the person intentionally tried to do harm you. However, certain types of serious driving crimes like driving under the influence or hit and run CAN create a separate criminal action against your "at-fault" party.

Additionally, in these highly egregious types of driving conduct, your Atlanta personal injury attorney may be able to claim and recover "punitive" damages. Be advised that insurance companies don't insure for or pay for such damages.

If No Recovery, Then You Owe No Fees

The most important part of hiring an accident attorney near me is this: NO MONEY from you is required. This is because the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta GA offer to represent you on contingency fees.

You owe nothing unless you win, and then the litigation attorney takes a percentage (as set forth in our legal fee contact). This method of compensating an accident lawyer near me put an emphasis on credentials, and years of experience. Our lawyers in Atlanta understand your financial strain from not being able to work.  

The census bureau pegged the population of Georgia (in 2010) at 9,687,653. That year was part of the Great Recession. Since then, the population has likely grown by another 3 million or more, plus highway traffic has increased by a full one-third from the year 2010. The small, southern town that was the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr is now one of the nation's most congested cities.

Our Law Firm Near Me in Metro Atlanta Is Ready to Swing Into Action

Because no one wants to hire any attorney without meeting him or here, we offer you a free consultation with William Head. While the giant firms will only have you speak to an associate, Mr. Head insists on talking with his potential clients. During this meeting, he will ask about:

Current hospital and ambulance bills and future medical bills and therapy or treatment costs;

All victims' claims for pain and suffering from injuries inflicted;

The present and future lost wages of all those injured and rendered unable to work from the accident;

Property damage to your vehicle and any items damaged or destroyed in your car or truck;

Your driving history, including prior crashes with injury;

Your medical history from any sort of prior trauma or surgeries; and

A full profile of you, and what your friends, family and members of your church, synagogue or mosque would characterize the importance of your life to the community.

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Call our 24-hour number today: 404-567-5515. Don't let valuable evidence from an accident scene disappear, or witnesses' names and contact information be lost. Time is of the essence in a Georgia personal injury case.


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