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Personal Injury Attorney William C. Head

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Bubba Head

Award-winning Atlanta attorney Bubba Head has amassed accolades and awards for over 30 years. Some of the recognitions and achievements are identified below by the icons shown in this montage.

A Columbus, Georgia native, Mr. Head is a product of the Muscogee County public school system and graduated in 1969 from Columbus High School. In the Fall of 1969, he started college at the University of Georgia. The year of his graduation, Columbus High School, his alma mater, was named one of the top high schools in America, and is still among the nation's top high schools. That excellent foundation prepared him to enter the University of Georgia fully prepared to take on college work.

A General Practice Attorney in Athens and One of Hundreds of Personal Injury Lawyers in Georgia

Ultimately, Mr. Head graduated with his law degree from the University of Georgia's School of Law in 1976. Before that, he received his undergraduate degree from UGA in History, with honors, in 1973. Starting in 1970, he worked as a bank teller and in the trust department for the former First National Bank of Athens when Buddy Milner was the President. In 1979, he joined the President's Club for UGA, and still contributes.

The Atlanta personal injury attorney also was interested in insurance law in the 1970s. So, he sat for the Georgia insurance agent exam and passed the licensing test while still an undergraduate student.

Bubba Head UGA

Then, around 1971, William Head worked part-time in the evenings and on weekends with Reserve Life Insurance Company, which was then based out of Dallas TX. This was his first exposure to insurance companies and how they write contracts and exclude certain high-risk, costly medical bills.

A Summer Law Clerk Position With 3 Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys in Columbus, GA

In the summer of 1975, after his second year in law school at the University of Georgia, Bubba was offered a summer law clerk job with an established personal injury lawyer office. Kenneth Henson, Dave Stapleton and Cecil Cheves were partners in the Georgia Power building. That summer employment allowed him to learn more about insurance claims, since Henson was General Counsel for AFLAC, which was then known as American Family Life Assurance Company.

After two other partners had departed from the Henson firm earlier in 1975, Henson had many personal injury cases, including several auto accidents, trucking accidents and other vehicle accidents that Mr. Head spent time reviewing and handling in the office. Henson had over 25 years of experience at that time and was well-known for his legal assistance in the Lt. William Calley case, but also he was an aggressive, successful car accident attorney in Muscogee County.

Hanging Out His Shingle in Athens, Clarke County Georgia

The early years of law practice for attorney Bubba Head took place in Athens, GA. Because he was in a smaller community, specialization was almost unheard of in 1976. At four different office locations in Clarke County (Prince Avenue, Milledge Avenue, West Hancock Avenue and Pulaski, and at the College Square Building located at Broad Street and College Avenue across from the UGA Arch) Mr. Head helped many clients with some tough situations. Also, he and John Andrews had a Lexington, GA office in Oglethorpe County at one time.

So, Mr. Head learned “the ropes” by handling all types of civil and criminal cases, including personal injury claims, real estate disputes, setting up and advising corporate organizations like Wildwood Restaurant, litigating for banks and small finance companies (like Commercial Credit and CIT Credit), handling contested and uncontested divorces, juvenile cases, criminal law cases and a variety of other civil litigation cases.

This diverse work and law practice background has served him well in dealing with people on a PERSONAL level and understanding the nuances of a small-town law practice and multiple areas of law. Two of his former law partners from his days in Athens ultimately became judges in Clarke County, and one is still serving as a Superior Court Judge.

Bubba Head GTLA

The Move From Bulldog Country to the Big City of Atlanta Fulton County Georgia

Moving to Atlanta Georgia in 1991, Mr. Head focused primarily on handling contested criminal matters, but always kept his hand in civil litigation cases, too. He has been a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) for over 35 years and is a Champion Member of the State personal injury law organization. Most of the top-rated Atlanta injury attorneys are GTLA members.

Bubba Head has been an invited speaker at several programs for Atlanta accident lawyers for GTLA in past years. He also holds life membership in several other national and state trial law organizations. Over the years the personal injury attorney in Atlanta has teamed up with the elite multi-million dollar stalwarts of the GTLA organization for the mutual benefit of many of Mr. Head's clients. Beginning in 1992, Mr. Head became an invited speaker for the American Trial Lawyers Association (now known as the American Academy of Justice), and spoke in Washington, DC, San Francisco, New York City and other locations. By 1994, Mr. Head began chairing and sponsoring seminars in Atlanta GA and other cities across America.

Civil Attorney Bubba Head

By learning the nuts and bolts of handling complex civil trials, such as wrongful death and serious injury cases, Mr. Head also became adept at identifying the critical legal issues that pertain to wrongful death and fatal accident investigations and civil litigation. His law office has offered law clerk positions to many of Georgia's successful lawyers, including Bob Tharp, Chris Breault, Lori Browne, A J Lakraj, Wayne Toth (of The Toth Law Firm LLC), Amy Waggoner, Mia Frieder, Christine Koehler and Shawna Woods.

Types of Damages in Georgia Personal Injury Cases

As opposed to criminal cases, where a person is facing prison time if convicted, civil litigation for accidents and injuries centers on monetary damages being paid to the aggrieved party. This article by lawyer Bubba Head covers the types of losses or costs that can be recovered, and the role of compensatory damages and (in some cases) punitive damages being awarded by a jury.

Compensatory Damages in GA

The goal of a compensatory damage award is to restore a victim to the place he or she was before the injury or death of a loved one happened. Money is the currency of living in America, and a jury is tasked with awarding an amount that fairly compensates for "special damages" which are the victim's monetary losses (medical bills, lost wages). Another category or type of recovery for "general damages" can be for non-monetary injuries (pain and suffering and loss of consortium for the injured party's spouse or significant other). The trial judge gives jury instructions directing the jurors to award what they collectively believe is a fair amount, if Plaintiff has proven his or her case.

Laws in Georgia for Recovery of Monetary Losses of Plaintiff

From an accident resulting in injury to another, Georgia laws permit a jury to award appropriate compensatory damages. Up to five basic categories or types of monetary losses typically will be available, where the facts support the category. For example, burial or other funeral costs are recoverable in a wrongful death case, but most cases do not involve this 5th category.

  1. Medical Expense - Medical costs are almost always an item, and this is for existing bills and future rehab, treatment or sequential surgeries, like plastic surgery.
  2. Wages - Lost income from being unable to work, and future lost earning capacity.
  3. Adjustments on lifestyle and accommodations for a disability - possible rehab facility costs or for a nursing home, or modifying the person's home for handicap accessibility.
  4. Property losses - Fair market value for a vehicle that is totaled or damaged. In some cases, appurtenant structures or buildings are also damaged or destroyed, and must be covered.

Punitive Damages Are Permitted in Some Georgia Personal Injury Cases

For drivers who commit serious motor vehicle crimes like hit and run, DUI or attempting to elude a police officer, additional damages to financially punish the defendant for inflicting the victim's injuries while engaging in patently hazardous conduct are awarded. Georgia laws seek to impose a deterrent effect that is supposed to stop others from putting the public at risk by such outrageous conduct.

You need to search for an experienced and highly-credentialed Atlanta personal injury lawyer with the highest legal industry attorney ratings "lining up" with top rankings in Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, Google, and AVVO. This is who should be your legal advocate.

When you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or work-related injury, contact Atlanta PI lawyer William C. “Bubba” Head. The same is true for anyone who has been injured (or has died) due to a defective product such as a Takata airbag or defective tire in a rollover crash.

Our law offices routinely receive calls about botched surgeries or misdiagnosed medical conditions. Plus, some callers for our Atlanta attorneys report work-related accidents, motorcycle wrecks, car accidents or an 18-wheeler truck accident that destroyed their motor vehicle and injured its passengers. With an Atlanta attorney familiar with "tort laws" (civil litigation for injuries and wrongful death cases) you will then be equipped to negotiate or fight insurance defense lawyers with unlimited budgets.

Our 4 law firm office locations are convenient for those clients located in Johns Creek, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Lilburn, Milton, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Marietta in Cobb County, downtown Atlanta, Midtown, Buckhead, and all of Fulton County and the metropolitan Atlanta area. This is especially true, since our lawyers come to your home or hospital room, when necessary or if desirable for the client.

Lawyer Ratings, Recognitions, and Awards for William Head

Best Personal Injury Law Firm

Mr. Head's stated goal, by teaming up with dozens of Atlanta GA personal injury lawyers, is to ALIGN the type of case to their proven expertise. By tracking prior results via multiple sources and associating with numerous Atlanta GA personal injury attorneys for best litigation outcomes (through mediation, by way of negotiation and at trial, when needed) Mr. Head's strategy works and works well.

The most common civil cases our law office handles include:

Slip and fall cases inside or outside a business such as Target or Kroger or at a public building;

Motor vehicle accidents involving a truck, SUV, van, bus or passenger car;

Being struck or assaulted with a weapon or other object (a golf club, bat), or by using a gun or by a person's hands;

Motorcycle injuries suffered in an accident, or from a moped, scooter, or electric skateboard accident crash;

Bike injury from road defects or being struck or “run off the road” by another vehicle, plus other two-wheeled vehicle accidents, or from a mechanical defect, or repair at a bike shop;

An object thrown from a roof or balcony or that has fallen from a high place off a ledge, due to another person's negligence;

Falling debris, cranes, or other high rise construction site dropped tools or supplies

 Highway or roadway building crews may be the source of head trauma; and

Being knocked down, pulled down or bitten by a dog or other domesticated animal or pet (snake).

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Starting in 2008, Mr. Head began a nationwide search for America's most successful personal injury law attorneys, compiling a lengthy list of highly-credentialed lawyers who had recovered over $100 million for their respective clients. Many of these litigators have recovered in excess of a billion dollars throughout their stellar careers. This private list, and those targeted litigation attorneys, are the crux of this website and Mr. Head's unique “two highly-credentialed attorneys are better than one” campaign. By inviting only those personal injury attorneys whose results verify that they are among the very best, Bubba Head, personal injury lawyer Atlanta, has thereby assured all of his clients that he and his team will undertake to represent every client in obtaining a consistent, comprehensive financial recovery through this website's unique model.

For over four decades, Mr. Head has proudly served thousands of clients across the state of Georgia in litigation cases – both civil and criminal. Despite the practice of some attorneys to charge a fee for an interview of a potential client, Mr. Head has always given a FREE consultation.

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