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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney, Award-Winning Bubba Head

After 44 years of experience litigating in Georgia courtrooms – in Savannah, Valdosta, Macon, Columbus, Dalton, Brunswick, Athens, and Atlanta – personal injury attorney Atlanta GA William C. “Bubba” Head knows the courts and the judges around the State of Georgia. Also, highly important is knowing the court personnel, who are instrumental in setting and changing court calendars.

This allows personal injury lawyer Atlanta Bubba Head to understand both the practical and the intangible aspects of litigating personal injury (PI) cases and medical negligence claims in Georgia courts. The Atlanta car accident lawyer has handled thousands of cases for which a driving error resulted in catastrophic injury.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Bubba Head

Most of the wrongful death or injury cases handled by Mr. Head have been serious injury claims from a motor vehicle accident in one of the Atlanta Georgia metropolitan counties. When an 18-wheeler or motorcycle is involved, a much greater chance of death or crippling injury occurs to those involved in these bad, recent catastrophic car crashes near me.

Car Wreck Lawyer Near Me Bubba Head

The simple fact is that the Georgia Bar has dozens of highly skilled personal injury attorneys who have had phenomenal success in CERTAIN types of personal injury litigation. Here are just three examples of “types” of cases that these known specialists excel in:

24 Hour Personal Injury Law Firm

1. Car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle crashes that result in wrongful death claims and serious bodily injury that disfigures, cripples or leaves a person with a permanent brain injury or paralysis. Tractor-trailer trucks and motorcyclists in crashes have a much greater chance of major, serious personal injury, dismemberment or permanent disability than a routine auto accident.

2. Premises liability, such as negligent security or failure to protect customers and patrons by eliminating known risks from business properties, hotels, apartment complexes and condominiums. Premises liability law is very specific as to what constitutes actionable neglect. Not just any premises liability attorney will routinely collect multi-million-dollar jury verdicts and settlements.

3. Failure to create adequate security in and around a business or building when known violent persons could be afoot, due to the perception of criminals that this company does not deter the perpetrators of personal crimes from engaging in criminal activity. Examples of this could be a service station with multiple car jackings or a grocery store or pharmacy where criminals can mug and rob elderly or immobile patrons trying to get to their motor vehicles. A pedestrian accident attorney must approach such cases using a plan of comprehensive document review, both for the target defendant, but also from prior police reports of similar issues from this location.

24 Hour Personal Injury Law Firm

No single accident lawyer is the best for ALL categories of serious fatality and catastrophic injury cases. Personal injury and accident cases range from premises security, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, distracted driving, to slip and falls, big rig trucking accidents, fatal motorcycle accidents, car accidents, wrongful death cases and everything in between. Occasionally, a defective product lawsuit will be part of a personal injury claim (e.g., Takata airbags).

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer: Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Victims

Suing medical professionals in the Peach State is not as easy as simply filing a lawsuit. Any medical malpractice attorney knows that Georgia laws have been written to protect physicians and dentists from half-baked litigation, when no other medical practitioner in the field would opine that the target of the litigation failed to follow the proper standard of care.

To support a medical error claim, your case will need support from other medical professionals to verify that your level of care fell below the medically recognized standard of care for that TYPE of treatment. This invaluable experience and knowledge of the “players” in the State of Georgia involved in PI trial practice has made Mr. Head uniquely qualified to predict certain things about judicial assignments and “the conduct of jury trials” that can play a valuable role in any personal injury law at these courts.

These cases are HIGHLY difficult and expensive to “fund” as the malpractice case moves forward. OCGA 9-3-71 allows up to 2 years to file suit - but waiting to start litigating may result in loss of invaluable medical records.

When limited insurance coverage of the “at-fault” party is in place, your personal injury attorneys near me may file a Holt demand letter. This “letter” is famous with Georgia personal injury lawyers, and for good reason. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, these letters are even more valuable to litigation attorneys near me.

The Holt case stated that, “where the insurer is guilty of negligence, fraud, or bad faith in failing to compromise the claim” such excess judgments against insurers who drag their corporate feet in paying off on civil wrongs, are supported by OCGA 9-11-67.1. While most civil damage claims (which are called “tort” claims by attorneys) relate to motor vehicle accidents, this statute covers any other legal actions under tort law.

9 Reasons Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Bubba Head's Method Is a Superior Plan

1. You always have TWO firms working on your case. Two heads are better than one, especially when a wrongful death law firm is fighting multiple insurance company lawyers. For fatalities and serious injury such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord severance or damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, loss of use of a limb (by paralysis or amputation after trauma damage), burns, disfigurement or scarring, the lead personal injury attorney for your case will have recovered over $100 million in his or her career.

2. Despite having two separate law firms working on your injury case, you pay ONE standard contingency fee percentage for the attorneys' fees when your settlement or jury award is made.

3. By focusing on taking fewer cases and limiting our open files to a serious bodily injury or wrongful death case, Mr. Head and his hand-picked co-counsel avoid being distracted by trying to handle too many cases. That way, your personal injury case or wrongful death claim gets more personal attention from an Atlanta lawyer.

4. Both personal injury attorneys are experienced, acclaimed, top-credentialed, and recognized trial lawyers. Our lawyers will only refer you to the best-rated physicians, physical therapists, or chiropractic specialists if you need a referral. Mr. Head's wife (who rides a road bike in local bicycle competitions) sees a chiropractor regularly to assist her with neck pain and back pain from a motor vehicle accident.

5. If Mr. Head accepts your case and fights for you in court and you do not recover, you pay nothing for legal fees. Any case our injury attorneys accept is done on a contingency fee basis.

6. You get communication and support from two recognized litigation firms that are backed up by trained staff and support personnel, offering you expertise from the members of both personal injury law firms.

7. Our staff answers your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case you need us for an emergency. Plus, every client is given Mr. Head's cell phone number always, in case you need to talk to him.

8. When you contact our accident lawyers about a serious bodily injury, brain damage or wrongful death litigation, our injury attorneys take your phone call immediately, to relieve you of this stress. Civil litigation is a massive part of injury law, and our affiliated lawyers in many focused practice areas will be matched to your civil litigation case.

9. Our pledge to you and your family is to stay in touch, keep you informed and to treat you like we would a member of our own family. Our law office will send you police reports, medical reports and any other civil discovery that we receive.

Car Accident Lawyer Bubba Head

Our Firm's Track Record for Personal Injury Trial Preparation

Second, Atlanta attorney Head's highly trained staff members have prepared well over 1,000 cases for trial, organizing these cases for all phases of litigation from pre-trial motions, jury selection, managing claims for medical bills, creation of trial exhibits from a road accident, and possible post-judgment appeals. Much like the process of going to war, trial work --- whether criminal or civil --- is a great proving ground.

Bubba Head Personal Injury

A trial is very much like the “arena” in Roman times. It is the place where you can get slaughtered, or where the best "fighters" at what they do allow them to survive many, many battles and become well-known for being the Top Gladiator.

These same law office staff members who have assisted Bubba Head for two decades in his weekly trial preparation are absolutely top-of-the-line in their communication skills, and deal with our clients in an empathetic manner. Mr. Head's law firm excels in keeping all our firm's clients informed of the progress of their cases. In many of the client “thank you” letters and online comments that Mr. Head has received, his STAFF members often receive equal praise and laudatory words for their excellent legal and personal support.

This demonstrates that Mr. Head's staff cares and fully understands the stress and trepidations of facing car accident and wrongful death proceedings. Seasoned staff members know how to put our clients' minds at ease. This banner of credentials from esteemed attorney ratings services should be something you find on any personal injury attorney near me under consideration for your case.

Bubba Head Personal Injury
William Head Legal Awards

Mr. Head's goal is to assist families facing the tragic loss of a loved one, or who are having to adjust and rebuild their lives to deal with losing a beloved family member. When comparing candidates to be your car accident Atlanta today, look closely at the legal advocate's legal industry awards and recognitions. From 2004 until 2019, Bubba Head has been one of the Super Lawyers in Atlanta GA.

Hundreds of Atlanta law firms can be selected, but few will take on the additional task of coping with the necessities of a family member who has suffered a life-altering catastrophic bodily injury or paralysis. Not all Atlanta attorneys are alike in this respect.

Let our Atlanta personal injury law firm be where you start your interview process. Call today 404-567-5515. Since it is a FREE lawyer consultation, and Mr. Head will COME TO YOU, what do you have to lose? Plus, since the Pandemic of 2020, Mr. Head can connect virtually, if you prefer that method of “talking.”

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