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Serious Personal Injury Attorneys

A Better Plan For Personal Injury and Car Accident Cases Involving Wrongful Death or Serious Bodily Injury

After 40 years of litigation in Georgia court rooms – from Savannah, Valdosta, Macon, Columbus, Athens, Atlanta – personal injury attorney Bubba Head knows the judges, the court personnel and understands both the practical and the intangible aspects of litigating in these courts. This invaluable experience and knowledge of the “players” for trial practice has made him uniquely qualified to predict certain things about judicial assignments and “the conduct of jury trials” that can play a valuable role in any personal injury law cases at these courts.

9 Reasons Our Method of Handling Serious Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases Surpasses Other Lawyers’ Methods

  1. You always have TWO firms working on your case. Two heads are better than one. The lead attorney for your case will have recovered over $100 million in his or her career.
  2. You pay the same contingency fee percentage for attorneys' fees when your settlement or jury award is made.
  3. By focusing on fewer, serious bodily injury and wrongful death cases, Mr. Head and his hand-picked co-counsel avoid being distracted by trying to balance handling too many cases. That way, your case gets more personal attention.
  4. Both personal injury attorneys are experienced, acclaimed, top-credentialed, recognized trial lawyers of the personal injury field.
  5. If Mr. Head accepts your case and fights for you in court and you do not recover, you pay nothing for legal fees. Any case we accept is on a contingency fee basis.
  6. You get support from two recognized litigation firms, and are backed up by the resources, personnel and expertise of both personal injury law firm staffs.
  7. Our staff answers your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case you need us for an emergency. Plus, you will have Mr. Head’s cell number at all times, in case you need to call him.
  8. When you contact our law firm about a serious bodily injury, brain damage or wrongful death case, we take your phone call immediately, to relieve you of this stress.
  9. Our pledge to you and your family is to stay in touch, keep you informed and to treat you like we would a member of our own family.

Our Firm's Record For Trial Preparation

Second, Mr. Head’s highly trained staff members have prepared well over 1000 cases for trial, organizing these cases for all phases of litigation from pre-trial motions, jury selection, creation of trial exhibits and possible post-judgment appeals. Much like the process of going to war, trial work --- whether criminal or civil --- is a great proving ground. A trial is very much like the “arena” in Roman times. It is the place where you can get slaughtered or where the best "fighters" at what they do allow them to survive many, many battles and become well-known for being the top Gladiator.

These same law office staff members who have assisted Mr. Head for up to two decades in his weekly trial preparation are absolutely top-of-the-line in their communication skills, and deal with our clients in an empathetic manner. Mr. Head’s law firm excels in keeping all of our firm’s clients informed of the progress of their cases. In many of the client “thank you” letters and on-line comments that Mr. Head has received, his STAFF members often gets equal praise and laudatory words for their excellent legal and personal support. This demonstrates that Mr. Head's staff cares and fully understands the stress and trepidations of facing car accident and wrongful death proceedings. Seasoned staff members know how to put our clients’ minds at ease.

Next, when Mr. Head decided to implement his civil litigation plan for TEAMING UP with the top civil litigation firms across America for handling major personal injury law cases, he knew that his participation in helping victims litigate against negligent or criminally-responsible persons or corporations would make a significant difference in the final outcome of these highly complicated personal injury, product liability and wrongful death cases. Mr. Head’s goal is to assist families facing the tragic loss of a loved one or who are having to adjust and rebuild their lives to deal with losing a beloved family member or taking on the additional task of coping with the necessities of a family member who has suffered a life-altering catastrophic bodily injury or paralysis.

We Match Your Case With Firms Who Can Help

The plan is fairly simple and straightforward. For the exact same contingency fees being charged at other firms, will Mr. Head teams up his law firm with the best available civil litigation attorney’s firm for EACH particular type of wrongful death and catastrophic injury case that Mr. Head accepts. These clients of Mr. Head entrust him to “match” the case with the best personal injury law litigation firm available for the specific kind of wrongful death or serious personal injury loss that has been suffered by the victim’s family. This means that Mr. Head is co-counsel on every lawsuit, and will be available for every trial, and will able to add his four decades of litigation knowledge and trial skills to every personal injury client’s case that he is entrusted to oversee.

By offering the power of two highly experienced, highly-credentialed litigation law firms, Mr. Head’s "TEAM approach" brings a greater likelihood of obtaining a full and complete financial recovery for his clients' cases. The concept is designed to minimize or eliminate the chance that an insufficient or inadequate judgment, verdict, recovery or settlement (from the resources, insurance and assets available) would be obtained after going through this litigation process. Once again, this is accomplished for the SAME contingency fees as charged by other firms.